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What is Your Life Goal?


What is your life goal. Everyone has them or has thought about something they want to accomplish in life, be it becoming a doctor, to finally getting your flock of seagulls haircut.



I've already had the Flock of Seagull haircut. Now I'm on my way to middle age.

Wait... what was the question?


My life goal is to eventually become self-sufficient and to separate myself from society.

I plan on purchasing a large amount of land sometime this summer for a solid base. Then comes lots of transforming of said land. Then potato fields and apple trees will follow. And other stuff.

Then hopefully in like 20 years I can grow enough food for myself where I'll only have to venture into society's yucky grasps once or twice a year. :smiley:


Hah, that's pretty cool. Cant say i've ever heard someone with that goal before.


I don't know if it will happen.

Having fruit orchards, crop fields, and chickens are very feasible. Going completely self-sufficient is way out there though. Property taxes is one big issue. And god forbid a medical emergency happened... oi. It's probably more of a dream than anything - but I'm gonna try to get it to happen. I know some people do it.

I'll be happy to step out of my house and see acres of MY land though. And to see MY apple orchard. MY sweet peas. MY tomatoes. MY potatoes. MY carrots. To see my future daughter or son experiencing the beauty (and bounty) of life from a much more down-to-earth upbringing.

Farming is in my blood; I don't think anything would make me more proud. Self-sufficiency would just be the greatest echelon I could reach.

My other life goal is to stay with my wife and make our marriage work. With the high divorce rates I think making it a point to stay together for life is really important.


become debt free.

just bought a house though. and getting married next year.

after that though...gotta get past these few barriers then it's all going down.


HolyMac's life goal is to set off the lunk alarm. So far his life has been an epic failure.


Until you or your wife needs a new car. Then your wife is going to want children. Then your wife is going to want to move to a bigger house in a better neighborhood. Then public schools aren't going to be good enough so your wife is going to put the kids in private school. Then the kids are going to want to do activities, expensive activities. Then the little bastards are going to want to go to university.


Exactly how the unabomber started out, except he could only afford a shed and wasn't much of a farmer.


Those are some great goals.

I'm still working on mine. I never thought of these things for myself, just for my daughter. Now I realize people have to make their own goals. (:


my life's goal is to look like this.

Oh and to travel a whole lot more.


LOL I swear I thought the exact same thing!


okay pictures aren't working. NEVERMIND.


Thats because we're both good looking.


x3 plus I wondered who likes potatoes enough to want to farm them. Digging up a potato seems like a shit load of work, and for what, a potato?


A half acre of potatoes can reap enough crop to feed an entire family for a year. :slightly_smiling:


I guess we will have to use our imagination. Humph!


My life goal is to figure out a life goal.


'So, what is your life goal?' - this is my favorite thing to ask douchebags who bother me at bars. 100% of the time, the response is: To make money and get laid. To which I reply, "well, that aint gonna happen here, so fuck off''.

my life goal is to cure lung fibrosis. and own a clubhouse somewhere in the world by an ocean and be rich enough to fly all my friends there for weekends.

Another way to ask this question is, "What are you willing to suffer for?" (Desire=suffering) think about it.


Check out NFP. 2% divorce rate in couples that practice it. Can't be a coincidence.