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What is Your Libido Like When Dialed In?

How many times a day are you able to have sex? Does your libido and sexual abilities wax and wane?

Before TRT, I could have gone months without sex. Now, I get morning erections daily and could have sex once or twice a day (if my wife let me). Libido is stronger than when I was a teenager. I’m currently 47 years old.


where are you levels at?

Latest labs were:
Total Test: 759 (Range: 265 - 916)
Free Test: 17.09 (Range: 5.00 - 21.00)

Currently on 80mg a week (20 mg EOD)

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*70mg per week if on 20 EOD.

Seems like it’s going well for you, most people on here say they need way more than that. How long you been on TRT?

I’ve always had a high libido even when I was low T for some reason. I had all of the symptoms except low libido. My wife would says it’s higher now but I’ve been on it for several years now and can’t remember specifically. My libido while dialed in is a solid constant desire. If my wife let me I would engage 1-2 x a day but alas she’s got me on and every other day leash. Pushing for more just pisses her off so I count my blessings.

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with or without HCG?


Ik you are going lower… here is

Thanks man.

I’m 36mg twice a week (72mg total.)

Already feeling better and sleep improving.


May I ask what is your Estradiol Level?
Mt T was 730, now its 1013 My Estradiol was 36.5, now its I’ve 45.
I need to get back around T ~800 and E ~30’s. My higher levels have taken away my rock hard willy. I want to get that back.

Told ya buddy, i also feel best on low testosterone. Now all u have to do is to find the “perfect dose” and ur libido will come back raging.

I pray that happens.

How low did you go w just test?

8mg prop daily. That gave me OK libido, but not that good, however the energy and motivation was off the charts.

Currently om 10mg ED, enanthate, and libido is great.

For somee reason, I do suspect i convert MORE to estsrogen on daily shots compared to EOD, my face is kinda bloated, which is weird on such a small weekly dosage.

I’m 37 but the rest is exactly the same as my experience. Only thing I’ll add is it takes a while for libido to be consistently strong even once dialed in. At least for me it took about 4 months but once there it never left.


Did it take 4 months - on the same dosage - til strong libido became consistent?!

It took about 3-4 months after I went from 100mg once a week to the 20mg EOD protocol before I started noticing that I was hornier. I’ve been on this protocol for almost a year.

Also, one more thing I noticed is that I now get random erections (i.e. during work meetings, walking through the grocery store, etc.). I’m talking like in the 5th grade and you can’t stand up from your desk type of erections.


Whats your levels on that dosage?

can you describe progression of symptom resolution during these 3-4 months?

Yes sir

Not sure I can describe it. I was on TRT for almost a year before switching protocols and my libido was already elevated (was non-existent pre-TRT), but not the the degree it is now.

One day I was in a meeting at work and noticed how nice my boss’s boobs looked and I got rock hard for 15 minutes. I had to wait until everyone was out of the room before I stood up. After that I just started to pay more attention to things that turned me on (i.e. soft breeze or girls walking past me in the gym). There really was no progression, it kinda just happened.

And given how I felt pre-TRT, I will never complain!!