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What is Your Favorite Program and Why?

Just curious on what program you lean towards and enjoy the most along with programs you’ve made the most/best progress.

5/3/1 BBB is my favorite. It is simple and effective. The very first time I ran it, I put on 12lbs of bodyweight without even intending to do so. The program made me hungry and I ate. I ended up so radically transforming my physique that my wife’s co-worker thought my wife had gotten divorced and remarried since the last time he saw me: he didn’t realize I was the same person. 5x10 has become my default approach for all supplemental work in my off season work.

I am also partial to SVR II. It’s great for people with training ADD, and has BBB built into it.

And I have to give a nod to 5/3/1 Building the Monolith. I’m not going to call it my favorite, because it is so absolutely brutal that, after day 1, all I did was stare at my feet in the shower and contemplate quitting the program. However, it was a great challenge, forced me way outside my comfort zone, and helped me add more muscle to my frame. Everyone should do it.



No where near the the level of punisher but I like programmes with multiple FSL sets on a different day to the main lift. Always work, never feel broken.

The FSL let’s me practice technique and makes the workout super efficient. I even tried BBS with my deadlift starting at 50% of a 80% TM. Added 2.5% each week. Worked great. Technically not FSL but my aim was to get to those weights once I got used to the volume.

Edit, I’ve said before that BBB never worked for me but the programme after always did! I wish I’d done a slightly different exercise for BBB, say cgbp as BBB for normal bench.

Fat Loss/Prep (caloric maintenance or deficit) and Krypteia (caloric surplus), both from Forever. I like the supersets and the time-limited factor. I like the work capacity I get and they make me feel more “athletic”, even when not doing a sport during lockdown.

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Krypteia would probably be my very favorite. Really, it’s just a BBB program but with a prescribed superset/assistance method and a FSL lead-in. This program really covers all your bases, and also is great for conditioning. Only thing - watch out for the volume of weighted pull ups, which can cause some elbow problems for some. It’s 17 weeks long, sustainable, and time effective. Perfect if you have other athletic interests, and I found this to really translate well to on-the-field performance.

Building the Monolith would be my favorite for a short term “challenge”. It does a great job of toeing the line of being very challenging but still doable. I love all the bodyweight exercises.


Best progress hypertrophy: Pervertor

Best for strength: Coffinworm

Best for physique: Widowmaker Circuits

Most fun: the next one I try

5/3/1 is cool because it’s a framework that pretty much makes everything work within it. I like that I can change things up but maintain continuity from program to program. Also, I haven’t found a single bad 5/3/1 program yet.


Programs I’ve used:

  1. Original 5/3/1 Incorporating FSL or SSL and/or Joker Sets
  2. 3/5/1 and Heavy Singles
  3. Krypteia as modified for MMA

Of these programs, I’m a HUGE fan of 3., which took up the latter quarter of last year for me.

Interested in this. Is it posted on his site anywhere?

“5/3/1 and MMA”, on his site.