What is Your Favorite Brand of HcG?

Might take a while to find out if you had a bad batch.

Prions? That causes Mad Cow Disease - doesn’t it?

Have there been any reported cases of such badly tainted hormones?

Yes there has, its rare. Yes mad cow but that shit is no joke. I knew a surgen that got that shit when he was visiting England and ate some cow. He is dead now. Totally obliterated him. Super sad.

Yes there are reported cases from hcg.

Do y’all still continue to use compounded HCG? Just wondering if it’s changed for 2023. My provider has gone to pregnyl. :confused:

Question aside, get some labs. I’d bet my house your e2 (estrogen), is crashed to near nothing.

2mg per week to put it into a basic context is the anastrozole equivalent of drinking a bottle of whiskey every night, compared to most people drinking a glass of red wine or a beer a few times a week (normal anastrazole use in this context).

General consensus on here a fairly hefty doesage of anastrazole that could still be effective for some people would be about 0.75mg per week taken as three dosages of 0.25mg.

I use a out 0.4mg per week to put my estrogen about mid range (test at about 175mg per week).

Keep asking-

For your info Highpull who was answering you (free of charge), is a practicing TRT physician.

Yes. I’m not aware of any change.

I also do 200mg/T week. no AI. i feel like shit on HCG. first week is good, then super anxious, overstimulated. I use empower HCG (still got left-overs). so i don’t think brand matters? I was hoping there a different HCG like pregnyl will do the job. but this shit is expensive too.

If you don’t mind me asking, who is your provider? I’m hesitant to go on Pregnyl, as apparently it’s the non-compounded version of HCG? Not sure if that even makes a difference.

We currently use Empower.

There is no difference, except cost.

Thank you for your response…Have a question regarding HCG protocol. Was wondering if instead of taking 1000iu, three times a week (what I’m about to begin in an effort to gain fertility while on trt), taking 500iu everyday would be better. Or in general, why every protocol I’ve seen never advises smaller but daily dosages, instead of larger but less frequent. Like with taking testosterone, to me it makes more sense to inject daily as opposed to 2-3 times a week. Is it just a matter of convenience?

Because it is not necessary. Given the half life, 30-36 hours, 2-3 doses weekly would be fine. You can take it daily, certainly no harm in it, just won’t make any difference in the outcome. That does not mean there isn’t someone who will report feeling better with more frequent dosing.

Given the half life of testosterone, with the various esters, it makes less sense to inject daily. The esters are designed to make less frequent dosing possible. Years ago, when there was a water based product, the daily dosing made sense and having used aqueous testosterone at that time, I can attest to that. It hit you quickly and was gone quickly as well. With the esters, while some find they do better with 3+ weekly injections, most are fine with one or two. Testosterone is a steroid hormone, slow acting, long lasting. However, I do not object to daily injections if someone wants to do it.

For some, yes. When discussing various options with new patients, some opt for weekly injections solely for convenience.

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Thank you again. When I took TRT (160mg to start, then upped to 190) once a week, I felt like superman for the first 4 days or so. Then noticed a big drop off, maybe around day 5-6. Had labs done on the 7th day, and my provider wanted to up my dosage to 210. Didn’t seem right. When I switched over to about 18mg daily (subq, opposed to muscular), I felt a lot better and my labs (done in the morning and once about midday) showed higher T levels than when I was on a much higher dosage. I assume it’s because of the drop off from day 1 to day 7, when the once a week labs were done. Does this make sense to you? I understand it stays in your system for a while, but just feel there are less peaks and valleys, and more of a balance when done daily.


There are a lot more peaks and valleys when done daily. A peak and a valley for every shot (7 per week). Once a week has a peak and a valley once.

The difference is the peak with once a week is higher and valley lower vs the multiple mini peaks and mini valleys.

What 10 mg/day looks like:

What 70 mg once per week looks like:

Some guys handle the variation between peak and trough well. Some seem to need more stable levels. I’d say if once a week is leaving you feeling not great after 4-5 days, to try twice a week.

Oh yes. Wasn’t thinking, as that’s what I meant. Very well explained and thanks for the graphs!

Yes, lower peaks, but higher valleys. Whatever works for you is good.