What is Your Favorite Brand of HcG?

I have used Pregnyl for a good 6 months. I also take 1 ml/week of T-cypionate, 1mg oral anastrazole twice a week. (I’m a 41 year old male)

I HATE Pregnyl. I feel it’s nasty effects right upon injection. I become more irritable, “over-stimulated”, very low blood sugar. I used to blame these side effects on T-cyp itself, or even Anastrazole itself. But, using process of elimination - last week I ascertained that Pregnyl is the culprit.

To my knowledge, the function of pregnyl is to prevent testicular atrophy and allow you to ejaculate? (Am I missing anything?) I only ask because I wonder what’s the worst that could happen if I just stop taking Pregnyl?

There’s got to be other, better brands of HcG besides Pregnyl. What types do you guys use?

I used compounded hcg from empower. No issues with it.

I don’t think brand matters TBH. I’d look at the dosage and protocol before assuming the brand was giving you issues. What are those?

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2mgs of anastrozole for an ml of cyp? I take just as much for 1 gram of test and i am very e2 sensitive. Are you sure your sides are not the sides of crushed e2? Have u done bloodwork for e2?


In men, hCG is used for two purposes, prevent testicular atrophy and/or maintain fertility. Some practices use it on everyone. It is not needed to ejaculate. A few men report feeling better with hCG while on testosterone. I suspect the reason is mostly due to the increased testosterone.

Fertility will decrease and the testicles may atrophy. Not everyone reports atrophy.

It is not the Pregnyl, most use compounded hCG. Some guys do not do well with hCG, you may be one of them.

As mentioned, I’d re-evaluate the anastrozole.


You could try the recombinant hCG (look up Ovitrelle/Ovidrel) instead of the urinary derived (Pregnyl, Fresenius Kabi, all prior compounded versions). I was not impressed with r-hCG.

My favorite is Pregnyl. Has a pretty box.

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I take ovitrelle, it comes in a pen, easy to use.

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More info:

More posts below in same thread.

Re-evaluate Anastrazole?

I thought high estrogen is dangerous & it causes water weight retention (edema).

I’m just doing what my doctor told me to. What exactly do you guys have against anastrazole anyway?

Thank you.

Sometimes it can, usually not. I’d look at adjusting the hormone protocol before resorting to a drug. But, that’s my opinion.

I apologize. You should listen to your doctor. As you are here asking questions, I assumed you wanted advice. I misread your post.

I cannot speak for other guys. I don’t have anything against anastrozole. I suggested you re-evaluate its utilization. You are using quite a bit. Crashed E2 has side effects and you don’t seem to be feeling well. There were no labs mentioned so I do not have that to go on.

Personally, I’ve found that few guys need any anastrozole. I disagree with the one size fits all approach that some local practices have, testosterone with hCG and anastrozole for everyone. I’m not implying that applies to you, just acknowledging some bias on my part. I don’t think it makes sense to take a drug if it is not proven you need it and I have found that the vast majority of guys are fine without it, just like the vast majority of AAS users from the 70s and 80s were.

Good luck finding what works best for you. Sometimes, that is not easy to do.


Look, I was just venting my frustration about not receiving the “advertised” effects or TRT despite being on it more than a year. It has ruined my sleep, my mood is horrific and swinging all the time…

I’m not mad at your suggestions. I appreciate your input. I know that most doctors rather obey politics than science. That’s why I’m here… to speak with non-medical, experienced folks like yourself who will give me opinions which are free of medical politics.

If I sound agitated or upset, it’s my frustration of being lied to by a T-mill.

Sorry if I came across as a prick.


So what do you want to do about it?

Pre-/Post-treatment blood work?
I infer you are injecting 200 mg/week of T-Cyp (assuming 200 mg/ml)
Have you considered 0, 0.0625, 0.125, 0.25, 0.5, or 1 mg/week of anastrozole instead of 2 mg/week?

Have you considered a reasonable starting dose of T-Cyp (75-100 mg/week) with no anastrozole?

Blood work review may be helpful.

I would make a reasonable wager you aren’t on TRT.

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Does you practice continue to Rx compounded hCG? I haven’t followed how many pharmacies have pursued the required biologics manufacturing license.

I don’t think you are alone. I haven’t had terrible negatives, but it also hasn’t fixed all the issues I wanted it to.

I think many guys get the impression that TRT will turn you into superman or something. It just isn’t true. It has helped me in some ways (mostly regarding physique TBH).

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Yes, we do.

Perfectly normal, I get frustrated sometimes, especially when my patient does not experience the benefits I do.

You did not.

Yeah exactly - I just really fell for that advertising "better mood, better libido, better this, better that, etc…)

I really fell for it. Hook, line, and sinker.

Actually, that is pretty much true, for most guys. Nothing is for everyone. I think there is a reasonable expectation for those results, but important to convey that we are unique individuals and results vary. I’m always a little leery when a guy who got great results, “life changing, miraculous” results, refers a friend, who of course is expecting the same. Doesn’t always work out that way.

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My own father was always a big fan of hormones. He once went on a HGH protocol… he said he felt like he was “on a vacation.” So, he definitely influenced me to at least try T-cypionate. Because back in 2007, I did try injectable NordiTropin - didn’t do much. Then a few years ago, I tried injectable Vicrin? IGF-1… for 2 consecutive months straight. Felt nothing!

Anyway, I’m not sorry that I tried TRT. Life is all about taking risks.

All I care about is that it doesn’t have Prions.