What Is Your Favorite Bodybuilding Video?

Old but gold, and easily my favorite training video of all time. No dumb “hardcore” music. No over-the-top hyping. Just prime Justin Harris and Kuclo throwing around heavy weights and having a fun time. High points include Harris squatting 600+ pounds for reps followed by a back off set with 500+ and then a Widowmaker with 405, Harris clean and pressing 225 for reps, and Harris front squatting 500 pounds for reps.

Link to Project Superheavyweight

And to make it even crazier, since Harris only had the cameraman for 3 days, he had to condense all the workouts into that timeframe. Meaning he did the first leg workout (Squats) and then immediately had to do the next one (Front Squat) on the same day. And then had to do Deadlifts 1 - 2 days later. He talks about it in this video:

Secrets of Project Superheavyweight

Thought I’d post this just to get some discussion about cool training videos. What your guys’ favorite training vid?

Pumping iron w Arnold

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Blood n Guts - Yates is undoubtedly one of the most inspiring in my book. No need to overcomplicate things, just hard and heavy, grueling basic movements in a manner of effort that few can duplicate.



Man that’s true. Love watching his training. Looked like he had a vendetta with the weights and they owed him money.

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Still on my to watch list. Today’s pro’s seem more interested in checking their phones instead of training hard.

… and his training partner is gold :laughing: