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What is your definition of a T-vixen?

Thanks, Cass. And you’ve rendered me speechless by your post. Okay, so not entirely speechless as I’m going to add something here. :slight_smile:

As you can see by all the posts by the guys, if I, you, karma, or anyone else that’s female here were to attempt to conform to any of these ideals; Picasso even wouldn’t be able to paint our portraits.

Ideals and standards for me are set by me. I answer to no one else but the person I see in the mirror. That’s how I live.

And I’m sure you also believe the same thing.

…Yeah, what she said…

Goal driven,
aesthetically pleasing…sure

But I’d like to see the lumberjack, and cock diesel vixens in here too, just to able to see what their day is like, or what their views are. I’m suprised that there aren’t more shotput throwers and softball players contributing to this site.

a T-vixen can’t be classified.

I agree with Ko. You can’t classify the essence of a T-Vixen because she is in a constant state of evolution. Always improving, growing, learning and striving to improve her life and the temple of her soul.

 In the beginning there was only one...

 In its faded appearance, it commanded people of the fairer sex for millenia.

 Now, it's rule of evil is about to come to an end...

 But who will survive...

 The List. It knows.

 Coming soon to a theater near you.


Maybe people’s answers make more sense if the question is rephrased along the lines of:

What do you look for in a woman that would fit the assumed criteria of a T-Vixen?

I agree that people define themselves,
however, in defining yourself against your own set of criteria you can bet that there will be someone out there whose list is the same as your self-defined criteria.

So then, are they defining how you should be. No. Just coincidence.

A T-Vixen knows who she is and only she can define herself as one. Looks are the last thing that comes to my mind. I couldn’t care less how she looks. It’s all attitude, as far as I’m concerned. Patricia, you know what I’m talking about. ko, you’re a lucky man.