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What is your definition of a T-vixen?

Since the T-vixens have been coming out in full force lately, I would like to take a poll. What would be your definition of the T-vixen woman? I want all the T-men and T-women to respond to this. What does this T-vixen represent? What does she look like? What are her training goals? How does she live her life?- in the true testosterone sense… You get the idea.
Lets make this a big discussion, so everyone put in your 2 cents.

I know I’m not answering the exact questions you asked but this is what I had in mind:


  • doesn’t bitch and moan when I say “I gotta go lift”
  • doesn’t say “you’re obsessed” everytime I have a protein shake or log my food
  • doesn’t give me that weird look (combination of “I question what you’re doing” and “why would you want to do that?”) whenever she finds out I’m going on a MAG-10 cycle


  • does take good care of herself (I don’t require her to be as involved in the iron game as much as myself, but I’d expect her to be conscious of her health and maintain a certain level of physical fitness)
  • does respect my decision when I tell her that instead of going to some fast food hell-hole, that I’d rather stay home and have some cottage cheese and flax oil
  • does cook for me if I’m unable to cook myself
  • does accommodate me and my T-man ways

…thats all I could think of.

Very quickly, a T-vixen is …


A T-Vixen is in exceptional shape. Pretty face, nice body.

She's independent but is not a bitch. She's sensitive but not weak.

She doesnt think she's a goddess, and doesnt act like she's too good for anyone.

She loves sex, but is not a slut. She doesnt talk about her backdoor experiences to someone who barely knows her.

T-Vixens are not interested in being famous or being the next millionaire, even if they achieve those things. They are instead interested in living a healthy life, being in exceptional shape and standing up for what they believe.

 T-vixens can kick your ass. They are not moody, but once you fuck with her, you'll regret it.

 Lastly, a pure T-Vixen just has a nice tight ass.

T-Vixen requirements:

1)Honesty through and through (that doesn’t come easy). A strong belief in her values/morals that forms the core of her being.
2)Passionate about fitness. This means she stays in shape year round/athletic and is continually assessing and progressing her physique (strong and lean). Fitness and nutrition and a part of her daily life (not an option).
3)Has a good job and a career. A brain to go with the beauty. Independent,confident,and strong willed with all that she does.
4) A strong sense of humor. Always in on the fun and laughter.
5)Committed to her man. Willing to do whatever it takes to make the relationship work.
6) Regardless of religion, a belief and faith in our God and his teachings.

That’s my definition of a T-vixen.

What’s yours?


What CMC said. But, I could some it up better.

A T-Vixen has to be Dangerously Hardcore!! And very attractive :slight_smile:

I’m not too sure how the “whining” thing fits - if you want someone to shut up and leave you the hell alone, you might be better off getting a dog.

For me - self belief is the main thing.
With that you can do anything.

Sure, a hot body is nice, a good intellect is great, and a personality is wonderful, but if that spark of belief isn’t there, it doesn’t matter how hot, smart or otherwise you are.

Then again, maybe I just got lucky with my fiance: she loves weights - in two weeks she’ll be trying for her 100kg D/L and 60kg Bench -, she’s got a great job [meteorologist], has the patience of a saint, and tolerates my cats and me.

Couldn’t really ask for anything more

goal orientated
looks after her body and looks the best SHE can
respects herself
can go out and drink with my mates and still have a good time.
Can correct all my spelling mistakes

couldnt give a shit if she can deadlift triple her body weight, as long as she looks after her body and trains hard in her chosen field, then i’m sweet wit dat

MENTAL FIRST: A couple of character qualities, which, contrary to genetic gifts of beauty and body traits, can be worked on, and depend on nobody to develop except the person (requires full responsibility and honesty):

  1. Bearing: Alertness, competence, confidence, and control of herself.
  2. Courage: Moral and physical.
  3. Decisiveness.
  4. Dependability.
  5. Endurance: Mental and physical. (Mental before physical ideally).
  6. Enthusiasm.
  7. Initiative.
  8. Integrity.
  10. Justice.
  11. Knowledge.
  12. Loyalty (to her ‘clan’).
  13. Tact.
  14. Unselfishness (to her ‘clan’, not everybody. Not everybody deserves it).
  15. Lives in the present.
  16. Acknowledges her emotions and feminity but never at the expense of common sense and/or her self-respect. In short, thinks first, feels after. Not the other way around.
  17. Respect (herself/others).
  18. Playfulness (when appropriate).
  19. Challenges / willing to fight back (when appropriate).
  20. Puts emphasis on truth and reality before anything else.
  21. Talks only when appropriate. Respects the fact that a man’s job on this planet is not to listen to her ‘feelings’ and ‘emotions’ year in year out.
  22. Independence. (Mental. Emotional. Financial.)

Though it seems an awful long list, it all comes down to thinking before acting (using your head instead of knee-jerk emotional or ego-protection reactions) and applying the golden rule while never being a parasite or growing at the expense of others. Silent strength and might.

PHYSICAL: Functional strength. Healthy body fat levels (in control, not too soft or angular either – Linda Hamilton in Terminator 2 is definitely NOT the reference – gymnasts could be though). The rest, well… too personal! =0)

Well, nobody can be all of this at the same time, but core values are a definite good start and improvement is always possible. Imagine finding a vixen that has a portion of these qualities and keeps better with time. Hummmm YEAH! =0)

Basically, a “T-Vixen” wouldn’t care what men or anyone for that matter thinks she should be.

It’s her own opinion; own goals of herself that matters most.

Patricia… In other words, loose cannon?

A T-Vixen would never ask me “Do I look fat in this dress?”.


drifting into my own preferences…
different/unique (related to above)
wicked smart and intellectual

Oh and how can I forget–
I possession of a sweet, sweet ass.

Spelling proficiency optional

Jesus Christ Dan C…you just pound that off the list you carry in your back pocket?, whew…and I was just gonna post “Nice Bum”…well, now that your extended dissertation would make that look lazy and perhaps boorish, here goes…

A T-Vixen is Firm. Firm in her Attitude, Self Image and Beliefs. Her sense of Self Worth, Inherent Kindness to others and her Emotional Centre are Firm as well. Firm also describes her sense of Humour, Values and Commitment to a Fitness Lifestyle. Solid, Hard, Rigid, Dense, Compact, Stiff and Unyielding may also describe her Character, Personality and ability to Engage with others but I think that FIRM would sum it up best…

“The firm, the enduring, the simple, and the modest are near to virtue”

~ Confucius

You guys thought I was going to say “Boobies” didn’t you…? :slight_smile:

T-Vixens know that deads give you a killer ass. They know that protein is for chicks too and two carrot sticks isn’t a post workout “meal”.

They’re not afraid of sweat, or lifting hard enough to breathe fast.

Women like Patricia or Cassanova are prime examples of a T-Vixen.

Oh, and she has to look like a jacked cuba gooding :wink:

I think that you are the true definition of a T-vixen. As the slogan on the t-mag home page states: “Muscle with attitude”… and that is you.

You have been here at this forum for many moons longer than I, and you are a woman that we all respect and admire. It was your picture in the t-forum that inspired me to post my own. You have an amazingly muscluar and powerful physique, and you are a beautiful woman inside and out. I strive to have as much power and wisdom as you one day. To you, I take off my hat.

You, Patricia are the outstanding profile of a T-Vixen.

Cupcake … no problem =0) You know what you want, me too. Just different. LOL.

Seriously, knowing what you want is like everything else: a choice. I just let people be themselves, and once in a while a woman will beep off my radar: the T-Vixen. Yup, rare event in today’s nation of victims mentality age.

I got tired of ‘tee-hee’ giggly girls standards and started thinking that if I can come up with these standards, the law of great numbers that there will be others too who have parallel thinking or similar core values. Rare but existing. Self-control is the core value, obviously.

I tried to use standards that can be verified by one’s actions, not the usual “that’s how I feel at the moment and that’s it and you shut up” emotion-based attitude that, contrary to scientific assertions, are not meant to be challenged. I beg to differ. Feelings are fine. Passion too. But I jam at the ‘I feel this, therefore you’re wrong’ mindset.

Anyway, I find it interesting that these standards have some ressemblance to what is expected of professions with the highest standards : police, armed forces (for example). So, yes, it can be done. But that’s a whole other thread. Thanks for the feedback!

Someone who is not high on themself, Does not slam others and is there to help newbies out. Someone who enjoys health enough to spread the news and encourage others. Someone who knows what 5x5 is and uses it. Someone whos lifestyle revolves around iron and protien. Someone who know there is such a thing as Mono and polyunsturated fats.

I do not think their is a list, I think it depends on you and how you feel.

hand in air, seconding Patricia

Lists are nice handy reference points and all but while some female may happen to fit what each of y’alls lists entail - I think everyone would agree that if those characteristics do not come from her own unique desires/goals/ideals/strengths, then it’s all crap anyway.

Each person ought to have their own vision of themself… perfected… and strive toward that.

Example: My goals for physicality are nothing like Patricia’s and Cassanova’s. That doesn’t make their’s or mine any better or worse than the other. Just different. My ideal “T-man” wouldn’t expect me to take on those goals simply because he digs that look. He’d dig the fact that no matter how low of BF levels I ever achieve, I’ll always have an tits and an ass and the powerful legs to go with it. Why? Because that’s me… pefected. And that’s what I’m striving toward. Not anyone else’s idea of me, but mine.