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What is your current Food PR?


Just broke my overall calorie PR for one meal. Volume record was not broken though.
You are probably familiar with the 2 for 20 $ deal at chilis. I ate that. It was-

order of cheese fries-1260 calories
bacon cheeseburger- 1690 calories(xtra cheese)
crispy chicken crispers-1140 calories
2 orders of coleslaw-480
corn on the cob-200
3 sides of ranch-540
diet pepsi-0
total: 5310
** all calories cited via chili's nutrition info available online

This is the last meal of my week off of my diet. Dieted from 325 to 305 in about 3 months. made gains in strength while doing it. Back on to my diet tomorrow and training for my next meet.
Curious to see what all my fellow T-Nation lifters Food PR's are. This is always fun to talk about
Let the dick measuring contest begin


For fast food,

6 double stacks

Double whopper
2 rodeo cheeseburgers
6 piece chicken fries


Quad stacker
20 piece chicken tenders

Taco Bell
6 cheesy gordita crunches

Carl's Jr
Double western bacon cheeseburger
Single western Bacon Cheeseburger

In n Out
3 double doubles

Haven't tabulated the calories, but those are all my bench marks. I'm a little guy at 190 though.


wow....thats freekin' crazy . nice job .

3 BK double cheeseburgers and a large choco-shake . I think it was somewhere around 2600/2800 ......at about 188 body weight !!

I was going for a fourth attempt when I gurgled up a little shake .....and was subsequently red-lighted :slight_smile:


haha........this reminds me of a thread I responded in on the beginners forum recently . OP was going on about losing weight / not having time to eat enough while at work . other responders recommended sipping more water and eating rice-cakes or some shit , so I posted to eat more fast food.....haha .

I probably shouldnt have done that though


No clue on the calories but probably a pizza at some time in my life. A good one can be high calories per slice and easy to eat a lot of it.

OP, should have gone with a milk shake or at least a non-diet soda for a bigger PR


One of my most memorable meals was the Dagwood at Ohio Deli. You might have seen this on Man vs Food. One pound of ham, one pound of turkey and one pound of roast beef. I think somewhere near a pound of fries. I ate all of this in about 22 minutes. I'm estimating this to be somewhere close to 1 trillion calories.

Here is a picture

If you really want to be disgusted, check out YouTube for videos of people doing the challenge.


I wanted to try that the last two times I've been to the Arnold...fail. Have you been to Thurman's?

Anyway, you guys kill me sometimes. I think the most I've ever eaten is around 2,500 calories.
I ate 2 Mcdoubles, 2 McChickens, and a large fry for 2,000 even on my Weds cheat meal. That was impressive for me. Sunday is my Eat As Much As I Possibly Can day, so I'll do what I can to man up.


just for shits and giggles ........next time ask them to super-size it


Yep I've been there a few times. I live in Columbus so it's not too hard for me to get there. I ate the Thurminator once and got a round of applause from the table behind ours, it was pretty funny considering it was on a Thursday around noon.


My record is a 1kg jar of peanut butter - Just shy of 6000 calories... For the record, don't try this


Awesome thread. I ate the Thurmanator in about 10 minutes. That was awesome.


5800 yesterday. went with son to a bday party at lunch and wedding at night. followed by freinds coming over house after.

about 1800 over my previous recorded record.

Fat(g) Carbs(g) Sugar(g) Net C(g) Prot(g) KCals
212.00 553.62 198.03 522.32 286.56 5801

Breakfast 6.00 9.00 3.00 6.00 78.00 390

3 servings Protein Plus Chocolate Shake  6.00 9.00 3.00 6.00 78.00 390

Lunch 52.05 133.92 43.72 127.52 53.25 1224

1 cup Apple Cider  0.27 28.97 27.03 28.77 0.15 117   

7 cubic inches Boston Cream Pie Cake  2.80 14.11 11.88 13.61 0.79 83   

5 Egg Roll with Beef and/or Pork  31.01 45.82 3.33 42.32 24.99 563   

6 Pot Sticker  17.97 45.02 1.48 42.82 27.32 461

Dinner 123.34 262.91 71.93 244.81 124.97 3204

1 3/4 cups Apple Cider  0.48 50.69 47.31 50.29 0.26 204   

1 1/2 pieces Baklava  33.97 44.02 14.87 41.02 7.84 501   

4 servings Blue Light Beer  - 32.00 - 32.00 - 444   

1 pat Butter  4.06 - - - 0.04 36   

1 serving Chicken Marsala  6.00 4.00 1.50 3.00 28.00 215   

1 Dinner Rolls  2.04 14.11 0.73 13.31 2.35 84   

1 cup Green Snap Beans  0.13 7.84 1.54 4.14 2.00 34   

1/4 oz Hard Chocolate Coated Pretzels  1.18 5.03 - 5.03 0.53 32   

2 servings Heineken Beer  - 23.00 - 23.00 3.00 300   

2 servings Mixed Green Salad  16.00 18.00 - 14.00 4.00 240   

3 tbsps Parmesan Cheese (Shredded)  4.10 0.51 - 0.51 5.68 62   

2 1/2 servings Pecan Crusted Pork Chops  45.00 27.50 5.00 25.00 67.50 800   

1 medium Sugared or Glazed Doughnuts  10.30 22.86 - 22.16 2.34 192   

1/2 small White Potatoes (Flesh and Skin)  0.08 13.35 0.98 11.35 1.43 60

Snacks / Other 30.61 147.79 79.38 143.99 30.34 983

 1 serving Coney (Chili) Cheese Dog  23.00 28.00 5.00 26.00 14.00 380   

 2 cups Rice Pudding  7.61 119.79 74.38 117.99 16.34 603



The binge after a BB show. Large pizza, a half gallon of butter pecan ice cream, a double whopper whith cheese, and a strawberry short cake from the grocery store bakery.

Went from 170 to 188 in about 16 hrs.


This ia a great thread. Its really nice since I'm trying to cut some pounds for a meet. About two months ago I had a 24 oz porterhouse, baked potato (with everything on it), a large salad, cake and three beers. I'm not sure if it was my record, but I felt like a man doing it.


This is nothing compared to all the above but 1 large (20") pizza hut (pan?) veggie pizza with chicken and some other meat on top of it . . . also had 1 additional slice from another pizza
Which came out to 3000+ cals according to 1 slice being 350 cals

all in less than 20 minutes

Really wanting to down a king/ mountain size pizza (32")


I notice some of you guys said you've ate these in <20 mins - What's the secret? Is it just eating it as fast as possible so you don't realise you're full?

FTR, my bulking diet is about 6000kcal daily - I'll have to start checking food PRs. Though I eat pretty slowly haha. Time for a McDonalds lol


Didn't calculate the exact calories but:

HUGE Burrito from qadobas with steak, chicken, rice, and every other option.
XL Maggie Moo's Cake batter shake
And then when I got home I had a pint of peanut butter cup ice cream.

All done day of the end of the wrestling season, which should explain the meal itself.


The day after my last weigh in for high school wrestling. I don't recall exactly what was all consumed, but I started off with a large taco pizza and a couple gallons of water.

People tend to not believe me, but I wrestling at 140 (142 with the growth allowance) and the next day I weighed a hair over 192. To legitimize that, I haven't been under 192 since.


Supposedly your brain doesn't get the message that from your stomach that your full until about 15-20 minutes after you are full
Also I was having a friendly comp with a co worker so I knew I had to get it in asap, because I was feeling me being full not even 20 minutes into it, after about 25 minutes from starting my stomach was stretched beyond its capacity, it was horrible for the next 24 hours, couldn't move or anything

That reminds me, also have had 3 large taqueria burritos, in under 20 minutes, that's the only way I can get in so much food like that, I'm not a big guy so my stomach ain't that big either but I'm eating like a big boy so I have to stuff my self before I "realize" I'm full