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What is your best music to go on the stage (stripper)

Hi, I would be stipper this summer. There are some stipper on the place ? If yes, want is your best song you use want you go on the stage ?

thank !

how about “fucky sucky 2 bucky?”

Anything by Village People.

If You Buy My CD by Robert Schimmel

I’m not even going to comment.

Where are you stripp’n?? I’d like to go watch. But "the artist formally known as ‘Prince’"is a start Cream or Get Off? If you like R&B I got some more choices…feel free ask away.

Everybody knows that AC/DC is the stripper music. Shook me all Night Long is a starter.It also depends on your routine. If you are going to be fast or slow. You are the stripper, I should not have to tell you this stuff.

How about Right Said Fred - Too Sexy aahahahahahaha

The majority of men with money in those places grew up in the 80’s. So that would be music that they’d like - ie. Van Halen, AC/DC, White Snake, ZZ Top, etc. And if you got a caboose then you can’t go wrong with Baby Got Back by Sir Mix a Lot. But if you’ve never done it before then pick something that your’e comfortable with.

Now I’m thinking about using R&B remy shand do good music for Slow show. I don,t have a lot of title for the Fast show. i’ve george micheal Fast Love only. Any one have other suggestion ?
Ps. I’m really not homosexual hehe !
I just want doing a lot of fast money during my study ! I doN,t want work at 7CAN$/hour again. Why work at 7$/H at a hard job want you can do easily 50$/h . I try very hard since 3 years And I think that it stupid to look pretty and don’t doing money with it .

Some depech mode or Delerium

Will this be your first time stripping? If so, you better check out the rules/policies of the place you want to work at. Many places here in the United States do not actually employ their strippers. Instead, each stripper is an individual contractor. In addition, they must pay stage fees, which can range anywhere from $150 - $300 per 4-hour shift (maybe even more at popular clubs). Money made is based on tips and a percentage of that goes to the owner of the club.

I can understand the need for quick money and I see nothing wrong with this line of business. Just remember to look before you leap.

Where I want go we just need to pay the Dj 7$ each night. That it. You keep the money you doing. No stage fee or no % to the owner. the owner do the money on beer selling.

Hi james, could oyu give me your choices? please

Yea, well…R. Kelly is always a good start hes got lots of sexy songs “Bump and Grind” comes to mind immediatly. Listen to some of his stuff and see what you like. Ideal is also a good group “Creep Inn” is their really freaky song of theirs that I like. 112 has a lot off good stuff too. Remember, I don’t really know exactly what your taste is so just see which song(s) you like the most for each group. As far as groups/singers I’ll give you a list and I’ll let you decide. I’ll also try to give you at least one song for each, but they all have many more. Jodeci “Freak’n You”, Usher “Nice N Slow”, Ginuwine “Pony”, Silk “Freak Me” Alleigha(sp)“Four Page Letter”. This last group I’m going to recommed isn’t R&B , but they’re too good not to mention. Aerosmith “Crazy”, “Angel”, Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing" for a few. Look, I hope this helps girl and good luck.
P.S. Let me know how it goes.

I say a young hottie strip to Nine Inch Nail’s “Fuck you like an Animal” song. Very Nice!

Anything by Yoko Ono makes great stripping music. I would give a stripper a $20 if she did a lap dance to Yoko…