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What is Your Best GM?


I was just wondering, what is your best Good Morning set? I know most do not do a 1RM on GM's so a set of a few reps is fine (300x5 or whatever). If you don't mind post your best DL too as I was looking to find the correlation (if any) between the two lifts. I was also wondering what kind of beastly GM's are out there for motivation. I know ROM and form can vary a lot on GM's, I was not thinking of the super short ROM arched back GM's Westside sometimes suggests but the more normal, at least a 60 degree bend forward if not more GM with the shins moderately vertical, I know mine pop forward a bit when I go heavy.

Thanks for sharing your info


GM 500 x 3 to parallel. Old record though, haven't done them in a long time.

raw DL 600 x at least 1 as of last friday (I should be good for more than 1)


Many variations, many different heights ...

Cambered SSB Chain Suspended 455x3 (not strict, resembled deadlift form)
Cambered Chain Suspended Low 455 x1
Strict Straight Bar GM 275x5

Best pull from the floor is 625 (About 7 months ago)
Best pull from pin 3 is 655 (which is usually less than my floor pull -- about 3 months ago)


Chain suspended GM with safety bar: 500x1
GM: 385x1
Over-arched Straight legged (more or less the Westside style you mentioned): 415x1
Seated GM:300x5

My best raw pull is 625. I've pulled it in gear too, but I really don't get much from a DL suit. I'm aiming for 650-675 in an upcoming meet.


Holy crap! I can't GM for shit but everyone here is stronger than me, so I guess I'll start doing them again. My best is 225x3. Best dead is 540ish.


I have done reps with 405, couple with 455, and 500 off of pins (though to be fair it slid around and ended up bein more like a squat)

Current raw max 615 (never tested in meet), geared max 655 (625 in meet)


465x3 to just a bit above parallel.

Current raw max - 585, 635 rev band.


Depends on your leverages, biomechanically speaking. Some people are built to pull and don't need much in the way of variety/assistance lifts. That being said, I don't believe the low back can ever be "too strong", and GMs build some sick ass thickness on your back and glutes/hams.

So yeah, I'd throw them back in. For my personal part, my current weakness seems to have been addressed somewhat by quad work with partial front squats (considering that is the only leg specific work I did for the past 8 weeks!). Great upper back and quad work.


Deadlift stance (close) Chain Suspended w/14 inch cambered bar- start slightly above parallel-605x3
Straight Bar to Parallel w/ wide stance- 455x10<~~~ got about zero carryover out of these
Seated Good Morning- 455x6

Best deadlift to date is 810.


Do any of you guys ever have a hard time maintaining proper position (chest up, back arched) in the bottom of a GM?


405x3(or5?) pin-supported GMs

585x1 raw DL


Did you feel cambered bar was more productive over straight bar, same stance?


For the first time I did GMs as a ME lift, and never really have done GMs consistently. Hit 340 yesterday at about a 60 degree angle.


Personally no I don't. But I don't care about my head/chest position as much as my low back position and the loading of the hams/glutes. As long as those elements are tuned, .....well it's a good morning. Your chest is supposed to drop. That's what makes it a "chaos training" tool, or a weak point tool.

Of course I try to maintain extreme tightness and keep the chest up, but in near maximal efforts that just isn't going to happen.

Storm, did you notice any carryover from seated good mornings? They seem to be a love/hate controversy for a lot of people due to the biomechanics involved.


I like that the cambered bar doesnt feel like it is tearing my head off with heavy weights. Also, I saw a much bigger transfer to my deadlift as my cambered bar weight went up. Probably because the path the weight travels is so similar to a deadlift.


Best GM 275x5
Best squat 335
Best Deadlift 425
Squat/dead are raw/beltless


Do you guys use a stance more similar to your deadlift or your squat?


Depends on what I want to work on:

Wide stance with an arched back and an eccentric phase=work on squats

Close stance and do whatever the hell it takes to lock the weight out= work on deadlifts


boom. answered.


Just maxed on good mornings for the first time tonight, actually. Hit 300x1, this was arched back, fairly wide stance. Best squat is 465, deadlift 506, at 198, raw.

I really wish I had a cambered bar or safety squat bar for some variation. I may try out some from pins sometime.