What is your 6 rep max in Bench Press?

By this i mean doing a good 4-6 reps on your own, no forced reps, no bench shirts nothing. Just you and your enemy.

Normally I wouldn’t reply, but going with Racer’s idea…

The most I’ve gotten for 4 reps was 225, that was when I was doing the last phase of King’s 12 weeks program. The 4 reps were pretty easy, I probably could have gotten 6-7. That was also over a month ago, and after doing WSB style training for awile I’m excited to see how much progress (if any) I’ve made. (I’ll max out sometime before the end of the year.)

My old best for 4 reps was 295 lbs. I’ve lost some strength in the bench though and now I manage only 255 lbs. for 6 reps.

Here we go again!! Anyway, at 184lbs, 285 for six. No sauce…Won’t be able to say that in Feb. 2001.

Right now I’m at 315 for 5, 325 for 3. Week after next should go higher as I’m working up to max again

Please dont take this the wrong way, but i think this topic is a more realistic way of estimating strength. The “1000 club” topic is more of a 1 rep max, its still an achievement dont get me wrong, but i think its rare to see people testing their 1 rep max.
My 6 rep max in bench press is 175.

at a body weight of 165@ 5’6 400 for 6 ,but my shoulders kill me for about a day

At a bodyweight of 210 I’m at 315 for 6, and no Vitamin S.

Hey Slaine,
Were you ever a reader of 2000AD? Sounds like you were.

My best so far @195lbs, 5’6" and 12%bf are 320lbs for six reps. Drug free and I dont have enough money to buy a bench shirt.

Hi James, of course i was a reader of 2000AD. SLAINE were the coolest comics ever, Judge Dredd were good too.
But nothing compared to Slaine, the artists were amazing, good example is, take a look at the blood, the charachters, the breast LOL. I cant believe they dont make a movie out of it.

Prior to injuries, I was doing 185 for five reps. This is at 5’4", 140-145lbs. My best has been 195 for five reps, about a year ago. Best one-rep max without spotters and forced reps has been 215. I’ve never been a strong bencher. I have long, lean limbs, yet I’m short and stocky in the chest and abs.

295 for 5 at a weight of 181

175 for 6 reps. I’m 6’3 and weigh about 195. I hate having long arms.

242 x 4 at 5’8" 173 9%BF

225 x 6 @ 165 lbs, 8% body fat

345 for 6 and 365 for 4 reps. I am 6-5, 265 pounds. Never used juice. I used to believe the long arm thing too until I found out NBA players like Charles Oakley (6-8) and Anthony Mason (6-6) could max around 425. The mind is an amazing thing.

375 for 4, 355 for 6

I have a friend who is 5’3", 155lbs and he easily does 315 for five. He used to do 365 for five when he competed in powerlifting a few years ago. He’s a freak.

He’s been competing in Olympic Weightlifting the last few years, and even though he only does flat benches once a week, he always manages to knock out 315 for five reps without any special tricep or chest work.

Prior to shoulder surgery; 395 for 6. Post shoulder surgery; 340 for 6. Bench press is not my best lift by far. I am 5’10 at 272 lbs. Am not ashamed of lifts though. I am drug free as well now. Six years clean. Everybody elses lifts look great. Keep up the good work fellow T-men.