What Is Wrong With People?


Basically,a man was convicted of sexually assaulting a woman.Despite the fact that he was found guilty by a jury of his peers,around 50 people from the locality queued up outside the courtroom where the trial was on to shake his hand,hug him,and offer support.One of these people included the local priest,who even gave a CHARACTER REFERENCE for the scumbag.

All of this sypathising,shaking of hands,hugging of the convicted sex offender happened as the victim,who was brave enough to come to the trial and testify,sat at the other side of the room.

People have argued that they don’t believe he did anything wrong.Let me point out,the guard who found the poor woman said she was in a semi conscious state,naked from the waste down,lying on the floor next to a dumpster,covered in bruises and scratches all over her body.

I listened to an interview today with the man’s girlfriend,who was defending him.She even had the cheek to claim that anyone who was having sex with a man on tarmac(the man claimed it was consensual) would bound to get covered in scratches and bruises.All over her fucking body.

What the fuck is wrong with people?I’m ashamed to say that this sort of thing actually happened in Ireland.Our country is in shit right now.People queueing up to shake hands with a scumbag sex offender,Bishopes refusing to resign even though they were found to have covered up child sex abuse in their dioceses for decades,priests not being convicted for carrying out the abuse,we’re in arguably the worst single economic recession of any country in the world and in the middle of it all,our politicians vote to give themselves a month long holiday.Great.

You dont know he raped her, you werent there. That said, it looks like he probably, or most likely did do it. But woman lie about stuff like that, and maybe he banged her in the airport or whatever they said, and her boyfriend got jealous and kicked the shit out of her. So you dont really know, but then, I dont know all the facts so maybe im just talking out my ass. It is weird that 50 people would show up to shake his hand, maybe that just shows a general lack of confidence in the Irish legal system. Here in the states if a woman says you raped her its guilty until proven inoccent and you are fucked. Doesnt matter if its plausible or not, they will try anything to get you to confess and take a deal.