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What is Wrong with My Shoulders?


I have no idea when pointy collarbones became the new thing to obsess over. I miss the good old days when beginners were just concerned with their biceps peak and upper inner chest development.

Dude, you look absolutely 100% normal for someone who hasn’t lifted for any extended period of time. Follow any well-designed diet and training program, take progress pics every 6-8 weeks, and you’ll (hopefully) realize there’s nothing at all “wrong” with your shoulders.


Go to the training log subforum. Start a training log. Tag anyone you want in it. Pick a program, get your diet on track, and start working towards growing some shoulders and traps. There are plenty of people willing to help you here.


@Chris_Colucci what show is that brutal slap from? I want to watch whatever has grown women hitting kids like that.

Might as well make the thread a Colucci extravaganza.
Just do this kid…


Pretty sure it’s from some Law & Order (dun dunnnnnn), since that’s Mariska Hargitay - daughter of Mr. Universe Mickey Hargitay.


Fun Fact!

If you say ‘clavicle lengthening’ 3 times in a row in front of a mirror in a dark room, I appear. Fair warning.


Worst case, you have abnormal structure.
Best case, you don’t.

In either case, all you can do is improve the way you look. It’s not like this (potential) issue is inhibiting anything.

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