What is Wrong with My Shoulders?

Hi everyone,

This burning question is killing me.
Okey, I am still new to bodybuilding and accept the fact that I have short collarbones. It looks like something is not right, though. When I look at other peoples’ collarbones, theirs are usually going up to shoulder, supported by traps. In my case there is 1 section where traps and collarbone together, 2nd place only collar bone and then last part is shoulder. It looks extremely narrow and unhealthy and crooked. Am I being paranoid?

Many thanks


You don’t really have any traps.

A whole lot of people are about to tell you to mostly train consistently, eat clean and consistently, for about a handful of years, and then Your questions will be answered.

Increase your size and strength overall, and you’ll be good to go.


I just want to be the first person to mention clavicle lengthening on this thread :rofl:


You’re just small dude. No offense. Deadlift. Shrug or clean. Overhead press. Eat.

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I was going to say, there’s a procedure to fix that.


I always think it’s interesting when a person focuses on one particular body part when the whole thing needs so much work.


So? work on adding lean Muscle onto your frame…


You know you thought it!

Did you break your collarbone when you were young?

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I know a thing or two about paranoia, and I’d say you aren’t paranoid enough. I don’t have time to explain everything, but the government has unlocked the secrets of Annunaki scientists and the Vatican will do anything to keep it secret. 16 assassins have been sent into the U.S. Corrections system to take out their number one target. None have succeeded.


Thanks for comments .

I agree I am small but do you think I work out enough my traps will come to my downwardshaped shoulders. My paranoid is from the middle downward shaped area where is no trap supporting it.Even if I work out, I don’t think traps will never reach out to shoulder balls as they will not pass that inital area. Am I wrong?

Does traps grow both in height( meaning through neck) and width ( through clavicle)?

Many thanks

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This is literally the last thing you need to worry about. You’re all broken hearted about your traps but you ain’t even been in the gym yet.


Heavy farmers walk for at least 30 seconds, 1.30 minutes rest, do another round of farmers walk and as soon as u finish do db shrugs for 20 slowly reps (breathe 2 seconds between reps if u have to but push through it)… do this 3 times a week and they WILL grow!

Yes, your traps can fill out in “height” and “width” and the appearance of your shoulders can change.

Your clavicles can move around and having bigger muscles can change their position. Put your hand on your collar bone, then shrug your shoulder and move your arm around. You should be able to feel your clavicle move and shift.

Try out some prone trap raises and scarecrows to get your kid and lower traps kicking. See if that has any effect on your posture and the way your shoulders “sit.”

Any farmer’s walk you can do for 30 seconds isn’t heavy.


Unless your end goal is trying to be a high level competitive bodybuilder or physique guy. Stop overthinking it…

Hey, it looks as if I broke it but no I did not. It was always like this:( I also think it looks like i broke it and it healed in a bad way.

Thanks for the comments. I lost 18 pounds of fat and now I will focus on building muscle. One step at a time:) I was just worried that my attempt will kinda fail due to my bone structure- that broken collar bone look. But message I am getting here is the opposite. Thanks.

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Keep that attitude and you will fail. This shit takes time man. Genetics can play a role in the upper levels. But ANY healthy guy can build an impressive physique, deadlift 500, run a 6:30 mile, etc.