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What is Wrong with my Elbow?

Hi! A few weeks ago I got some mild discomfort (but not pain) in my elbows after a training session. I had done squat, OH press, deadlift and weighted dips. It wasn’t quite tendinitis but I was concerned it may develop to that so took a couple of weeks off and took anti-inflammatories etc. Now the discomfort has gone BUT when I put my right arm out straight in front of me palm faced down and rotate the arm so the palm faces upwards, there is discomfort (but not pain) in the elbow. It feels a bit like “tightness”. I don’t have any issues with any lifts except when I do overhead press and the bar is in the bottom position. I tried tonight and decided to stop because I felt discomfort/a slight twinge in the right elbow. I will go to a physio if I need to but want to get some other opinions first so I can decide if it is worth it and so my physio trip is more informed. Thanks.