What is Wrong with My Diet?

In the past, I have dieted down in the summer, and once fall came, I just ate whatever I wanted for my “off season” diet. I made sure to eat protein 6 times a day, but it wasn’t the cleanest food. Like I’d have pizza with chicken on it, or go out to eat. When I did this, I would gain a few pounds back quickly, and my strength would return too. I felt awesome, actually. This year, I decided to use Massive Eating for my off season diet. I’ve been eating only clean foods, and a lot of calories, but I am not making any gains in body weight, or strength. At first I thought my calories just weren’t high enough, but I have increased them, and still I am not seeing results after 3 weeks. Do you all think I just need to eat even more? Or is there some hidden beneficial aspect of eating foods with saturated fat and sodium, or carbs and fat together at the same sitting? My basic meals for Massive Eating pretty much depend on whey protein, oatmeal for carbs, and natural peanut butter and Udos for fats. I guess the good thing is that I’m still pretty lean, yet not feeling hungry, but I really want to get stronger.