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What is Wrong with My Chest?

Hi guys,
So I have been struggling with chest for quite sometime, and I have been trying for a long time to make it grow. Eventually with time it started to have more definition but it started to look like only my left pec was able to create that outline while my right pec didn’t. So I started focusing on the outside of my right pec so it would get better, but to me it feels like it got worse. Now when I take photos shirtless I see each time more prominent that my right nipple is going higher and my left one is going lower. Should I keep working on the lower part of my right pec to even it out or should I just keep working them both and hope for the best? If you have struggled with this or know anything about this, please help


Some people go out of their way to find the weirdest things to stress about. Dude, there is absolutely nothing wrong with your chest.

I have a feeling “trying for a long time” means something different to you and I.

How old are you, how long have you been training, what did you weigh when you began and what do you weigh now?

You should continue building a base of muscle and strength while forgetting about trying to target the outer-lower side of one pec more than the other. Add 10-15 pounds of total body muscle and your problem will disappear like magic.


There is no such thing as working your ‘outer right pec’. Physiologically that’s impossible. So I don’t know what you’ve been doing that you THINK has been towards that end, but whatever it was, it was wrong.

Your chest is basically the only part of you that looks like it has any development. If you want to look big and strong, or better yet, BE big and strong, change your mindest completely. The way you’re thinking now, focusing on the smallest of details (which by the way is all in your head anyway) will get you nowhere. Eat big, lift big.


Nothing wrong, you just need to gain some damn mass.


Here is the other photo i tried to send but didn’t go.

Hi Chris, I have been training since I was 12 years old, and I started dieting at 15 due to my low body weight, I used to weight 55 kilos, now Im at 63. I used to train only calisthenics because my parents and many people believed it stunts your growth if you do squats or do any type of dumbell exercises. Then I started doing weighted training and started incorporating squats, barbell exercises, and dumbell exercises to my work outs when I got to my late 17ths. now Im 19 years old. So you’re saying I should just keep working them both the same and eventually they’ll even out?


Dude there’s nothing wrong with your pec. You have to realize nobody is perfectly symetrical.

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stop posting pictures, you’re normal. Get out of your head about this.

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KId are you planning on hitting the stage soon ? THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOUR CHEST!!!

Are you actually wanting someone to tell you something is wrong with you??

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Ok dude thanks for the advice. Btw I wasn’t trying to post new photos, this one was supposed to go on the initial post. Sorry if it bothered you :confused:

Your not a bother to anyone…its important to understand there is nothing wrong with you . So that your not wasting your time and energy on something that will prevent you from seeing progress all around.


I just wanted to know if it was normal to have this going on, now I realized it is. I don’t want anyone to tell me I have something wrong with my chest. I just have doubts. I think its kind of messed up that when someone asks questions about their physique they are looked at as crazy or obsessed, maybe even narcissistic. Im not sure if that is what you guys thought of me, but thats the way I felt like. Im not trying to be any of that. I come from a family where no one has ever strived to have their body look a certain way, they only just played sports and ate what they wanted, and I’m the first one to start this path and got no one to give me advice. Anyway thanks for your point of view and for your advice

Dude - do not mistake blunt advice for unkindness.
It might have felt rough how people responded. But it’s proportional to how much they need you to listen.
Endless self analysis over a detail that does not exist will hamper any sort of progression.
So chill. Lift heavy, eat healthy, sleep well, sprint every now and again . Look great.


Go start a training log!

Nothing wrong with your chest. You’ll be fine. But so many people come here with one absurd question and then disappear when there is so much more knowledge to be gathered here! We have world class strongmen and 800 lb deadlifter/squatters and doctors and professional bodybuilders and you only have to ask to get guidance.

Go to the training log subforum, start a log, and tag anyone who gave you solid advice. Look at strong people’s training logs and get ideas and perspectives.


Welcome back @jerry_smith

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My favorite part was him having the same full name as Jerry Smith from Rick and Morty.

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not the same guy. moles are different. lol yes I compared that closely.

Just another guy with almost exactly the same physique asking exactly the same shit.

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Agreed. I spent a disturbingly long time checking.

But at least I get paid for it. You just did it for fun. :slight_smile:


You sure about that? Looks like a guy who used to weigh 55 kilos, and now weighs 63

yep. different moles/ birth marks.

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