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What is Wrong With Me?


Im a 55 year old male.
Always pushed weights and thought I would die in the gym i loved pushing weights that much. In the last couple of years I have run out of steam and have stopped training.

Im trying to get back in to it but am sruggling with ethusiasm, and motivation and lethargy.
Although I still can crack a woody when needed, Im not exactly chasing skirt at the moment.

I have played with roids in the past with out a clue as to what I was doing and wonder if this is contributing to my current issues. I was on TRT for a few years, probably needlessly but enjoyed the ride. After coming off I have just run out of steam.

Height 182 cm or more or less 6ft.
Weight 110kg. Carrying some muscle but plenty of fat.
I struggle to lose weight and always have.

Recent bloods I’ll load an attachment or jpeg if this site allows.

Something very weird I have found lately. I have a temperature much lower than the average person. The highest my temp gets using an ear thermometer is 93.56 f, or 34.2c
Some times my temp is so low the thermometer just bottoms out and reads LOW.

The worst issue Im facing is foggy thinking… I’m really struggling with my ability to think clearly.

Will now attempt to load bloods doc.


Read the thyroid stickie and chart your temps. Do yoi have iodized salt in your diet?


I think the issue started when you stopped TRT.


Eat a lot of iodized table salt… Probably way too much.

Had this issue long before I was on TRT… TRT wasnt needed as I had a level of 16 nmol/L before I want on TRT… Doc put me on with out bloods or anything… Just asked my symptoms and threw me on TRT… It was a resolve. It worked, but an endo told me to get off it… I did and back to how I was before only the symptoms are worse. I really struggle now with memory and foggy thinking… So TRT would work as a fix. But is it the right fix?

Testosterone: 14.2 nmol/L … ( 6.7-26 )
SH Binding Glob 38 nmol/L … ( 18-87 ) Adult
Free Testosterone (Calculated): 268 pmol/L … ( 163-473 )

Taken at 9.am

Total Bilirubin: 7 umolll … ( <25 )
Alk. Phosphatase 64 U/L … ( 40-125 )
GGT 23 U/L … ( <60 )
ALT 15 U/L … ( <45 )
Total Protein 75 g/L … ( 66-84 )
Albumin: 39 g/L … ( 32-48 )
Globulin: 36 g/L … ( 25-41 )

Taken at 9.am

Sodium: 139 mmol/L … ( 135-145 )
Potassium: 4.9 mmol/L … ( 3.5-5.2 )
Creatinine: 96 umol/L … ( 60-105 )
eGFR: 76 mL/min/1.73m2
Comment: An eGFR > 60 mUmin/1.73m2 suggests normal absence of other evidence (e.g. hypertension, albuminuria haematuria) of kidney damage. It is less reliable in people with extremes in body weight or muscle disease.

Taken at 9.am

Fasting status: Fasting
Cholesterol: 6 4 mmollL … ( <50 ) H
Triglyceride: 2.0 mmol/L … ( <2 ) H
HDL Cholesterol: 1.31 mmol/L … ( >1.00 )
LDL cholesterol: 4.2 mmo!IL … ( <3.4 ) H
Chol/HDL Ratio: 4~9 … ( <4.5 ) H

7672119 For most patients non-fasting lipids are acceptable for CVD risk assessment, as Chol/HDL ratio is not affected. For established CVD risk (indluding diabetes) NZGG optimal levels are Cholesterol < 4.0, LDL < 2.0 and Chol/HDL ratio < 4.0.

Taken at 9.am

FSH: 6.6 IU/L … ( 2.0 - 12.0 )
LH 7.2 IU/L … ( 2.0 - 9.0 )
Oestradiol: 128 pmol/L … ( <161 )
Prolactin 120 mIU/L … ( <240 )

taken at 9.am

Haemoglobin: 148 g/L … ( 130 - 175 )
RBC: 5.17 xlOel2/L … (4.30 - 6.00 )
HCT: 0.45 LIL … ( 0.40 - 0.52 )
MCV: 87 fL … ( 80 - 99 )
MCH: 28.6 pg … (27.0 - 33.0 )
Platelets: 258 xlOe9/L … (150 - 400 )
WBC: 5.3 xlOe9/L … ( 4.0 - 11.0 )
Neutrophils: 2.70 xlOe9/L … ( 1.90 - 7.50 )
Lymphocytes: 1.99 xlOe9/L … (1.00 - 4.00 )
Monocytes: 0.46 xlOe9/L … ( 0.20 - 1.00 )
Eosinophils: 0.14 xlOe9/L … ( < 0.51 )
Basophiis: 0.01 xlOe9/L … (0.00 - 0.20 )

Specimen taken at 9.am

Cortisol: 358 nmol/L
A serum cortisol higher than 400 nmol/L in an unstressed person, excludes adrenal insufficiency in the vast majority of cases. If there is a clinical concern, contact an endocrinologist.


@KSman Just been reading some of your posts on thyroid and iodine…
So im guessing i need to now have my thyroids levels checked…
So im going back for more bloods. Can you please look at the list above and tell me what else I need to get done in the way of bloods… Can you give me a list of what you see missing from the above list of bloods i have had done recently?

And if I can go and get the rest of bloods needed, are you able to give me your thoughts on them please?


Please read these stickies found here: About the T Replacement Category

  • advice for new guys
  • things that damage your hormones
  • protocol for injections
  • finding a TRT doc

Please use the pencil icon below your post to add ranges to lab results. Can’t expect people to memorize ranges in all possible units.

Thyroid labs etc:
AM cortisol, at 8AM please
please not T3, T4 or binding capacity or other indirect methods
You may also need thyroid autoimmune panel if above is wacky.
IGF-1 to eval GH status

You seem to feel cold easily at times?
Outer eyebrows sparse?

TRT with low thyroid function can sometimes not go well as thyroid cannot support TRT restored metabolic demands. Ditto adrenals and cortisol.

T levels are moderate. E2 way too high. Target optimal is 22pg/ml - 80 pmol/L, so you are quite estrogen dominant. This drives down T. You will need Arimidex/anastrozole to combat this. Elevated E2 increases fat, increases aromatase, increases fat …

Low thyroid function also drives fat gain.

Your LH/FSH levels are very good. You might try a combo of anastrozole plus getting thyroid and body temperatures resolved. If that does not restore quality of life, start TRT. High-normal T would really help drive fat loss.

Please double check package of salt. Non-iodized packing can be deceptively similar.

Where are you located?


I think I had missed adding in cortisol, so have now added it at the bottom of the page…
Unfortuntely it was taken at 9.am as the doctor had ordered tests before 9.am.
Do you want me to take it again at 8.am… A cost factor but if needed?

Ranges added for everything else. Nope dont feel cold easily… Outer eyebrows normal.

Ok, will look at starting on anastrozole which I take it is arimidex?

Will get the other bloods done for thyroid etc.

How does one resolve body temperature?

Im guessing I probably have high E2 because Im so over weight. Getting weight down will help resolve this. But taking arimidex will help get the weight down to a more managable level anyway… So yes will definitely look at getting arimidex.

Located in New Zealand.

Salt shaker clearly states “iodised table salt” so all good there.

Many thanks for your help… I’ll get rest of bloods sorted and start on arimidex.

And will definiltey get to reading the sticky’s you mentioned.

Anything else I have missed? Many thanks for your help KSman… Much appreciated. Your too kind.



8 AM is ideal, 9AM is considered a cut-off time where lab techs are meant to then tell you to come earlier another day. So your level would have been higher at 8AM.

So your levels are a bit high compared to many people, but I do not see a problem.
Can be high when doing labs if you are stressed or freaked out by the procedure.

I am concerned that your in-ear thermometer may be misleading. Can you find an oral thermometer. Avoid fast acting, 60 second would be decent. Does that thermometer provide 98.6F/37C with some other people mid-afternoon?

Arimidex 0.5mg/week, 0.25 twice a week would be good - if you can get an Rx.

Stress effects on adrenals can increase rT3 and that lowers body temperatures, so iodine is not the sole issue.

Please see this, you can be the iodine guru in your social circle.

You have a degree of primary hypogonadism, but are well within normal range that may prevent you from getting TRT.

You carry too much fat. Some probably from low activity and diet. But activity is down from low energy, partly from low T and some estrogen dominance. If you lower E2, LH/FSH should increase, but you are still stuck against the wall of secondary hypogonadism with weak testes.

Please be aware that elevated LH/FSH can in some cases create increased FT–>E2 inside the testes. Arimidex/anastrozole can reduce FT–>E2 in peripheral tissues and fat, but not inside the testes - as explained in the stickies. This may or may not be a factor in your case.

Low thyroid function can drive fat gain and lower energy levels.

Do not have confidence in your body temperature readings. But if really low, that is a major source of low energy and would affect every system in your body and perhaps the testes as well. So resolving this should be a high priority.

Thyroid labs: - do these if low oral body temperatures

  • TSH
  • fT3
  • fT4


Definiltey low body temp… No if’s or buts. There are three people living here and I not only test the temp readings on myself, but the other two at the same time.
There temps are fine every time. It’s only my readings that are off the chart. And I have tried to take their temps and mine over and over… Always the same thing. Only mine thats outta whack…
Will get TSH etc done and then repost…

That link you posted came in very handy… Have been trying to talk the family in to not taking idoised salt off the menu. Now perhaps they’ll listen… cheers again for the help…


Hormone treatment for males in all Common Wealth counties is difficult.


God you can say that again… I went to my doc and asked for arimidex and explained why. He told me I needed to go see a specialist. So when some one presents with highish estrogen, their answer is sorry I cant help? Crazy.


It is some kind of brain washing that limits independent though and action. Now many doctors in the USA are brain dead about these issues, but most are service and business oriented.