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What is Wrong With Me?


Well, overall I’m a skinny-ass guy. However, I do have fat in my chest and belly. Nothing really noticeable unless I have my shirt off. I’ve been eating a lot more and training as told by T-Nation. Last night, I noticed that my lower belly “pouch” was bigger. Yet, my arms and legs… still fucking sticks!

Why is it any other motherfucker out there can eat and he gets bigger/fatter OVERALL, yet when I do it only my belly and chest get it? what the fuck is wrong with my body??

Post diet/workout.

Either you’re training wrong or eating junk

Same happens to me. Get it over it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I gain in my ‘love’ handles first and lose it there last.

Some people on here preach to eat shitloads of food. Eating more is definately key, but if you push it too far, you’re gunna get a fair amount of fat with the new muscle. The key is to find out how much food you can eat to maintain weight, and eat a little bit beyond that. Muscle takes time. You’re not gunna make a transformation from skinny kid to monster in a couple years unless you juice.

Plus you gotta push it in the gym(not implying youre not). But if you can squat 400 pounds and BP 315, chances are you’re gunna look like you can. Where are your lift numbers at?

This is only my first month of training/eating right. My bench is 105, and my squat is at 115. My diet:

breakfast: 3 large eggs, 2 half-inch round slices of sausage, 2 peanut-butter slathered slices of bread, 2 servings of oatmeal w/ bananas. 3 glasses of whole milk.

usually Peanut butter and nuts for snacks.

lunch: Either some kind of soup or a can of Tuna, a can of veggies, 2 servings of fruit. Water.

Dinner: 5 or 6 tablespoons of peanut butter with 3 glasses of whole milk. I go to sleep afterwards.

My meals are all fucked up due to my working hours. 4:30pm-3:am mon-fri. I dont actually make breakfast until about 11:00 am, so my lunch is really everyone else’s dinner, and my dinner is at 3 am. I need to sort this messy eating plan out more.

I’m almost there w/ you man…most goes to the belly and love handles…What Supps you using?

Stickboy tim, how old are you? You max bench is 105? Your diet looks pretty weak…soup, veggies, fruit, and maybe a can of tuna for lunch. Where is the protein?

You need to seriously re-evaluate your work-outs.

I think you need to seriously jack up your intensity in the gym…Don’t worry about other people looking at your cause your skinny…

The important thing you do when walking into a gym is leave your ego at the front door.

everybody starts at the bottom, and to truly motivate yourself, you should always think that your still near the bottom. You gotta be hungry for growth.

Invest in some good protein, and maybe hire a decent personal trainer for a few sessions. Learn proper technique, than apply all your energy to improving your lifts and physique…

good luck…keep us posted man

I’m 22 I have no idea what my max is yet. At the gym, there is never more than 2 other people there (whom seem too busy), so I don’t have a spotter to find out. 105 on the bench is what I finished at the last time I went. I’m doing the Starting Strength 5 x 5. When I go in tomorrow, I’ll be adding some more weight. I just add 2 1/2 lb increments after each set. Perhaps I should try adding 5 lbs after each set? Could I get some recommendation for great sources of protein?

By the way, I dont use any supplements yet. Looks like I need to invest in them, as well.

[quote]Zelazo wrote:
Post diet/workout.

Either you’re training wrong or eating junk[/quote]

Or both.