What Is Wrong with Me? Neck Pain

So I’ve been dealing with issues of neck pain and overall asymmetry issues for quite a few years now. I have seen chiropractors and PT’s and nobody can help me. My right and left shoulders don’t feel anything alike. The left one is consistently tight and almost as though my shoulder is locked into my pec.I have significant neck and trap pain and constant cracking noises when I move my left shoulder or my neck. You will notice the differences in the height of the shoulder and armpit areas, and also the curve down by my torso. The amazing thing is that I am at my all time strongest and have been consistently setting PR’s for months. However, I hate the way I look and don’t wanna compete until I can get my issues squared away. I don’t have insurance so an MRI on the left shoulder is out of the question. I’ve gotten x-rays and neither of the chiros I saw thought I had scoliosis. I’ve attached pics.

Send full dic pics to screen for testicular imbalances brah.

Srsly tho there’s no pics.

Don’t know what kind of answer you want. We could try and do a full history and physical examination thru this forum to differentiate between all the possible sources of neck pain but it probably won’t be much of a success.

Everybody has imbalances some symptomatic some not. Best to focus on your current problems and what’s causing it. Your best bet is still to see a professional for your neck pain

If you come to someone with “I have muscle imbalances everywhere” and chronic neck pain you better be paying them good money because it’ll take a lot of time, effort and be damn boring to look at. Some professionals won’t bother and may just give you cookie cutter answers/treatments to get you to fuck off.

Asymmetry could be any number of muscles that are tight, short, inhibited, overactive or lengthened due to lifestyle factors, sustained postures or other contributing factors. For sure stressing out and being paranoid about it isn’t helping in the least.

Scoliosis is abnormal curvature of the spine usually sideways. Mild scoliosis does not typically cause problems and may not even be detectable via palpation/feeling during a physical examination if minor. So probably put that out of your mind.

If you’re lucky you’ll get some people on this forum posting videos with generic solutions or their own experiences and treatments but these will be hit and miss with whether or not they work for you. Find a new therapist and have them look at your neck pain.