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What is Wrong With His Jaw?!!!!


And people are making fun of jay cutler. Is this just 80's make-up?


He has been chewing gum according to CW's Perfect 10 parameters.


Not make up. I've seen this guy on a number of films and TV series. I always looked at his jaw and wondered what was wrong with it :slightly_smiling:

I seem to remember he was quite buff, too. He must've been, cos he was always the baddy.


Acromegaly...usually the result of abnormal growth hormone secretion from the pituitary gland. It often doesn't present as symmetrically as it did in that guy which is probably why he did actually get work in Hollywood. It is found in up to 25 percent of the U.S. population, not including bodybuilders who may induce some symptoms from excessive growth hormone use. The usual presentations are swelling of the hands and feet, the facial features become coarse as the bones continue to grow, a protruding jaw and enlargement of the lip, nose, and tongue. Often there can also be spaces formed in between the teeth. I personally think one bodybuilder who shows this more than others, aside from Jay Cutler, was Nasser El Sonbaty.


Not to get too off-topic, but did you know that you can purchase the actual used clothing worn by the actual Nasser El Sonbaty? For example, his used shorts go for the low, low price of just $60 a pair! And lest you think I kid, here is your link. Happy shopping :slightly_smiling:


Please excuse the interruption. You may now return to your thread.


oh fuck. now why'd you have to go and do that?


What? Too expensive?




I'll bet he can take a punch.


Agreed. I guess no one would question his chin.


Seems like that would make a chin weaker...also a bigger target.


Up to 25 percent? The standard image of an american male is bigjawed, but one quarter of a population is quite much. Do you know what that estimate is based on? And even more intriquing, what causes the excessive growth hormone secretion?


Most acromegaly cases are caused by a pituitary adenoma(a tumor of the pituitary gland) that secretes excess amounts of GH.

Based on e-med the stat is "In the US: Acromegaly is unusual, with a new case incidence of 3-4 per million subjects per year and a mean age of 40-45 years."


Looks like a well coifed Rocky Dennis.


Brick walls are big targets too.

I think we need to put him in a department store with Butterbean and see if he can take a punch, like in Jackass the Movie.


The actor's name is Robert Z'Dar. Probably most remembered as a prison thug in "Tango and Cash", although he's been in a lot of B-list horror movies as well.

You can find his web-site by Googling his name.



Damn, you beat me to it. Yeah, in Tango & Cash, he was the leader of the gang that was going to make them FUBAR'ed.

And let's not forget his starring role in Maniac Cop, and both sequels. :slight_smile: