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What is With the Hate for the IPF?

I’ve noticed a common theme around t-nation most users dislike/hate the ipf.
I agree it has it flaws, but i don’t get why it gets so much hate.

I’ve only competed in 2 meets, one being IPF affiliate one being IPL affiliate.
So i’m basing what i know on those meets, and the ones i’ve seen on youtube.

The ipf meets seem to be better organised, and stricter.
It has this unreachable goal of getting in the olympics, which to me doesn’t even seem worth it.

Mostly because they are elitist douche bags that get piss poor spotters for giant national meets where numerous people repeatedly get stapled with spotters who couldn’t catch a cold and do things like ban people for attending seminars of people they have lifetime banned for something 30 years ago that actually didn’t even happen but because they said it,it is true.

I’m pretty sure that’s a terrible run-on sentence but I don’t even care. IPF hate is strong because it’s easy to do so, they make it easy to hate them.


Wait, they ban people for going to seminars?

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Because they’re pretty much the vegans of powerlifting.




Telling everyone they are the best, while they are not?
I can see how thats annoying, but is there like a real valid reason why they’re so hated?

They are too greedy, and they aren’t always well organized. At my last meet I didn’t know the lifting order or which flight I was in until about 20 minutes before my flight (turns out I was in the first one) started. Another guy told me they switched the flights around right before the first one, he was supposed to be in the 2nd flight and because of that only got three warm up sets before his opener, they told him it was too late to change attempts. That guy is a judge too.

As far as the greediness goes, they have a plan here in Canada (and probably all IPF affiliates eventually as well) that all coaches or handlers will have to pass a certification course that cost hundreds of dollars, requires many hours of time, and probably requires travel since it’s only held in two or three locations. So if you want someone to handle you at a meet you will have to find one of these certified people who undoubtedly will charge you an exorbitant rate (do you think they spent all that money and time out of the goodness of their hearts?) to do something that doesn’t require a lot of experience. Also, at the 2016 IPF worlds in Texas, the meet director booked all the rooms in the official hotel and rented them out at double the price. Not staying in the official hotel is punished with a fine that is approximately the same as a night in the double-priced hotel room, per night. Everything from SBD, Inzer, Titan, and other brands that are IPF approved would be cheaper for everyone (including non-IPF lifters) if it wasn’t for the fees that the IPF charges manufacturers for approving their products. Metal single-ply gear is no longer approved because they refused to pay the fees for those items, they figured that it wasn’t worth it because the majority of their customers are not IPF lifters anyway.

That plus what @corstijeir said. I will still compete in the IPF because that’s what is available around here, hopefully the other IPL affiliates get their act together like USPA because they sound much better. There are a hundred reasons to hate the IPF and very few to like them.


More like cannibals. They devour their own members for personal profit.


I think there are a few. Here are the ones I’ve seen:

  • if you are a member, they forbid you from joining other federations (in Australia even extending to other strength sports like strongman as far as I am aware);
  • in Australia at least, if a member coaches lifters competing in other federations that member is forbidden to go to their lifter’s meet as a handler. This extends to members helping friends competing in other federations at meets, and this includes novice meets which are usually unsanctioned;
  • they only allow competitors to use certain BRANDS of equipment, not just equipment within set parameters of thickness, length, etc;
  • they have scant regard for lifter safety, using hideously inappropriate spotters at high level meets;
  • they forbid members attending seminars held by various people (like Ed Coan) on the basis that he is banned by the IPF;
  • in Australia, I know of at least one occasion where a young member was told not to go to one of the country’s top PLers for advice because he wasn’t a member himself.

That’s just off the top of my head


But they pay well, right?

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Nope! You just get the privilege of competing in an IPF affiliate.

I am so glad that I am not overly concerned about competing anymore. I have sorta taken this mind set that meets are nothing more for me than a way of making sure my lifts are legit. Plus it doesnt hurt as a motivational tool when i hit a rut mentally.But damn its a pricey undertaking, time you factor in Fed dues entry fees and travel expense…To be honest I dont care what Fed as long as judging is legit.


Vote with your dollars. Besides does anyone give a fuck whether or not powerlifting is in the olympics? I bet that the OL nutlickers that run the IPF are doing whatever they can to keep it out of the olympics so it doesn’t compete with their favored first child OL.


I completely agree with this. I’ll compete in any fed meet, more concerned with how close it is to me so I don’t need to travel and pay for a hotel.

For what it’s worth I’ve recently done both uspa and usapl meets and haven’t encountered any of the issues people have mentioned with either particular Fed. The biggest thing that bugs me about either is USPA charge $10 for spectators, usapl is free

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Anyone know if other feds that hold very large competitions really do a much better job with this? Seems to me it just isn’t that easy to find dozens of super big & strong people willing to volunteer several days’ worth of free time.

Most seem to. Not to mention many other feds use a monolift with safety straps which makes a huge difference.

Yeah… i do not understand most Feds haven’t gone to this, unless cost is the limiting factor. Besides the lifter still can step back and walk the squats out using a Mono if that the other issue.

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Exactly! Although, GPC Australia has now forbidden walkouts for the last couple of years - I think based on safety concerns. CAPO (WPC/GPA/IPO affiliate) still permits walkouts, but for some reason doesn’t seem to use safety straps, or at least doesn’t mandate them the way GPC seems to.

All the CPU (Canadian IPF affiliate) meets that I have been to charge an entry fee to spectators, usually $5.

As far as I have seen, the only time that there was a major issue with incompetent spotting was at 2016 IPF worlds in Kileen, Texas. There will be fuckups here and there no matter what, I have seen videos of guys hit the floor when squatting out of a monolift. I have had no issues with spotting at any IPF-affiliated meet I have been to.