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What is Westside?

I’ve seen a lot of people post up and talk about the westside program… done a couple of searches and can’t find anything about what it ACTUALLY is.

Could someone provide a link please?

Westside is a gym run by Louie Simmons. Their powerlifting training techniques are so effective that they become a system: Westside Training.

This should clearly have been posted in the beginners forum.

Search for every article by Dave Tate on this site.

The two ‘periodization bible’ articles as well as the ‘8 keys’ articles will have you well on your way.

To see the ideas put to practice read DeFranco’s ‘Westside for Skinny Bastards’.

When you’re done with that head over to Elitefts.com and read all of their articles. Their FAQ covers a lot of the basics.

If you’re interested in the Westside Barbell Club itself, check out their web site:

If you read all of that you’ll be unimaginably more educated on issues of strength than you are now.

Now get reading!


westside training template, by Jim Wendler