What Is Vroom Thinking About

If you look at vroom’s posts, he has a picture in which he looks to be in some very deep, intelligent thought. What the hell to you think he is thinking about!
Vroom’s brain “mmmmmmmm. that lindsy lohan is one juicy bitch!”
wait, thats me.

Vroom is obviously a very intelligent well round, out-spoken individual. With those thoughts in mind I can only surmise that he is thinking about the same things as I am.



Hehe…boobs rule.

I thought he was thinking the goatee itched his chin…

And yes, Boobs do rule.

Hey Vroom, what the hell are you thinking about.

Hey, here’s a good place to write this and that, since it can hardly be off topic for me now can it?

I’m thinking things are pretty good at the moment:

  • I won that tub of Grow! last week and it showed up today.

  • I get paid once a month, can you believe that, and tonight is pay day. I’m going to buy some new HOT-ROX once the money is in the bank.

  • Last friday I PR’d in squats. My squats are still pitiful, but progress is progress and eventually they won’t be.

  • I pulled equal to my PR in the DL tonight after not being able to for a while.

  • The last time I took HOT-ROX my strength increased… so I’m thinking a bunch of new PR’s are in the works. Dropping fat and upping PR’s is damned sweet.

  • I might be able to have a problem with my car fixed by a bit of welding instead of an $800 repair job… here’s hoping.

Oh yes, and lest I forget, I am single and there is a certain female that is on my mind. I’m not going to specify a preference for any particular portion of her body though!

Anyway, the PR stuff is what I was really going to write about, its only a repeat for the DL but it means I’m currently progressing. That always makes my day.

Later T-folk. Hope you all find a little bit of what you are looking for…

vroom, you’re looking pretty serious for all this good stuff going on in your life right now… or maybe the picture was taken when you were preparing to set your PR’s. :wink:

I think he is thinking about Canada. Perhaps thinking the song: "Oh Canada…How’s the rest of tht go? Ah who cares?

Like all good Canadians… he is wondering where the best poutine is…:wink:
(could be poontang too, they sometimes get mixed up)

That’s his deep, intelligent thought look? Wow - this gives us some insight as to why Canada is so f*cked up. Mwuhahaha …

Bastard F*ck Guy

mmmm…poontang umm…i mean poutine

[quote]BFG wrote:
That’s his deep, intelligent thought look? Wow - this gives us some insight as to why Canada is so f*cked up. Mwuhahaha …

Bastard F*ck Guy [/quote]

Don’t ya know… We all look like this when we think about ‘poutine’…:wink:
He might just be wondering about the contents of the ‘special sauce’…

BFG…come on it’s as good as any Socialist state.

[quote]ZEB wrote:
BFG…come on it’s as good as any Socialist state.[/quote]

careful ZEB - we might just send you guys another William Shatner…

Lot’s of good folks come out of Canada!

Remember Lorne Green (Ben Cartwright)
Michael J. Fox…um…then there is…ah…well…hey two is good!

Seriously, Canada is a fine place…to visit.

Zeb, nearly every show on television has a Canadian actor in it.

Actors:Jim Carey, Michael J. Fox, Mike Meyers, Martin Short, Norm Macdonald, Dan Akroyd, Keanu Reeves, Will Sasso, Brendan Fraser, Phil Hartman (RIP), John Candy (RIP), Eugene Levy, Donald/Kiefer Sutherland, Lorne Michaels, Colm Feore

Actresses:Natasha Henstridge, Carrie Ann Moss, Elisha Cuthbert,Kathleen Robertson, Rachel Blanchard, Neve Campbell

And what’s the matter you don’t like Pamela Anderson?

Anyways there’s an abbreviated list of Hollywood icons for you to chew on.


Oh boy…joking…kidding…relax.

Oh and no I don’t like Pamela Anderson. She looks like a burnt out slut. But hey that’s just my opinion.


And exactly what is wrong with a burnt out slut?

Guys, don’t forget Mike Weir, he’s left handed too that makes him very rare.

Vegita ~ Prince of all Sayajins