What is Up with the Steroids Group on Reddit?

Seriously, is it me or is that place just for fucking retards? Pardon the language, but what is with everyone over there running grams of compounds? Most of them are just regular gym bros and yet many of them are running close to the gram in individual compounds, not to mention a mixture of orals thrown in there. It seems to be a big and active community over there but dam, the stuff these bros are running blows my fucking mind. I have friends on the gear, some on grams of shit, others half, and guess what, the progress between them all is not that much different. The only main difference is that those running grams are also blasting fuck tons of money.

As someone also on the juice and having grown up with bodybuilders out the 60s/70s and 80s, the dosages they were using back then were nothing compared to now. Blows my mind. I was always told by pros: If you don’t respond well to 250-500mg weekly test, this business is not for you. Don’t go higher, you will just fuck yourself up for nothing.

What do you guys think? Too many gym bros running too much shit.


Heavily agreed, the attitude within r/steroids appears to heavily lean towards a “here for a good time, not a long time” and “is a little works, more is better” attitude. The populace of said subreddit appear to be very hedonistic in nature, not that that’s particularly a bad thing, there’s a time and a place for almost everything, but living out a life of partying, blasting grams of gear and behaving incredibly irresponsibly is (unless you’re Ozzy Osbourne genetically) bound to end with a far higher chance of dying prematurely.

I frequently see morally questionable activities talked about on said sub-reddit all the time, about a year ago the sub-reddit was filled with (non-consensual) sexually explicit photographs/videos of various members partners. Morality/Ethics are tricky, it’s difficult to determine whether an individual is ethically/morally adept or not, many good people do stupid and/or somewhat questionable things, however some people are downright rotten to the core with little to no redeemable value, the individuals on r/steroids talking about picking fights with random people, unprovoked to feel alpha, intentionally emotionally manipulating women/partners to get what they wish for (be it for sexual favours of which said partner dislikes, emotionally manipulating relationships to achieve desired outcomes with complete disregard for the other parties feelings/ how it affects said persons life etc), these activities appear morally dubious to me, and hint towards me that said individual is either a complete cunt or has MASSIVE, undealt with psychological issues

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I quite like their Wiki page

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R/steroids is where the real gainzzzzz are found!

Of course. There is a point of diminishing returns, that is certain. Always interesting when a guy goes on to get his squat from 350 to 400. I’m not talking kilos, either.

However, I suppose with the underground sourcing, you have to wonder about potency and quality control. Who knows how much they are actually using.

Sounds like many of them are trying to pin their way out of bad diets and serious commitment in the gym.

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350 kg is 771 lb, if you can squat 770 lb that’s pretty legendary

Right, and I didn’t, 295, but in the context of my post, I was referring about a guy squatting 350 pounds, going on steroids so he can squat 400. I think that is stupid.

Unpopular opinion: squatting is stupid

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Geez, I think going on steroids to get your squat to 400lbs is stupid. Not squats. Everybody should do squats.

This thread is about average guys taking a shit load of steroids, which reminded me of beginners, who join a gym having barely trained, and want to start on steroids. I think that is stupid.

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I know, I was just stating how insane a 350 kg squat would be.

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blasphemy! what do you do for legs instead?

I’ve been over there, I snooped around a bit. seems like most of them there are Zyzz fans

The best part of leg day is skipping leg day.

/runs for the door
/sees that it’s locked
/attempts to kick it open but is too weak


Ya I do legs maybe once a week. Probably more like 2-3 a month I was blessed with genetically gifted legs and calves when I do them tho I don’t squat I prefer to isolate leg muscles (glutes, quads, hams, calves) rather then do compound leg movements.

I was partially joking with my comment I would never tell someone squats don’t work especially natty lifters they are an amazing muscle building exercise, they just don’t fit in my routine.

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In all seriousness, my routine looks a lot like yours, @zeek1414. I have a bum knee, so for me it’s a decision between a traditional type of leg day or the ability to do cardio six times a week. I can’t have both. So I chose cardio plus some isolation movements for my legs. It’s not the type of routine I would suggest for someone who’s serious about total strength, but it fits with the modest goals I have in relation to overall functionality.

So how long do you guys spend squatting during an average session? Because at my gym there’s an insufferable couple that squat for the entirety of my workout. I’m talking a full shoulder routine plus 25-30 minutes LISS and these dousches are still squatting. It’s like 70+ minutes of them taking up a rack so they can do four sets with a bunch of time spent dicking around on their phones and go home. Is that normal?

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Fucking hate cunts like that. I’ll do couple of warm up sets followed by 3/4 working sets depending how fucked my lower back feels on that particular day. 20 minutes in the squat rack max

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I have to take longer on the squat rack because it takes a butt load of warming up in order not to lock out my back, and get my knees nice and warmed up.

But I enjoy squatting, once the technique is down pat, and you feel the burn it’s one of the best exercises.

For so long I avoided squats, and did very little leg workouts but now I’m obsessed with building seriously powerful big legs like I used to have.

I"M also obsessed with hip thrusts, and the glutes have really improved. Women notice, surprisingly, they notice it a lot lol

There’s a dude who I see occasionally who has the grossest routine on earth. He takes off his shoes and socks—which should be a death penalty offense in public—and lays down to do some modified hip thrust. If he had even a halfway decent body then I wouldn’t criticize his form, but…dude looks bad. The moral of the story is that if you’re going to make a lot of noise or draw attention to yourself then you damn well better have the form to justify it.

I can beat that. There is some fat, sweaty guy in my gym who thinks he’s Eddie Hall… walks around with no shoes or socks either, trying to lift ridiculous weight with even worse form. He then has the audacity to put his disgusting feet on the benches. Makes me feel sick thinking about it. If I worked there his membership would be getting revoked.

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