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What Is Up with the Forum?

I haven’t had this. Ads are still there.

I use Chrome.

OS is windows 8, update whenever I get notified.

I may give that a go, if that gets rid of the ads.

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Holy CRAP, you still have autoplay ads? They’ve been gone for MONTHS, haha. I would definitely clear your cache on Chrome. You could theoretically just download firefox too and use that, but if Chrome is what you like, I can understand not wanting to upend things for the sake of one site.

Also, everything here is likely for Windows 10 - they offered a free upgrade for several years, are you averse to trying to get it? It’s only 40 bucks now, but there are still ways to get it for free, and it works great - much better than it originally did, and better than Windows 8, IMO.

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Just saw this.

I have never had problems with my desktop except that brief period when literally everybody was up in arms about the site.

(have you tried adblock)

(I buy lots of Biotest stuff so no guilt)

Do you have issues with any other websites? Is there a possibility you might have some malicious browser extension running that might be causing that?

Go to this url inside your browser: chrome://extensions and see if there’s anything suspicious activated

When I was still using Windows (years back), this would happen every once in a while.

Just T Nation.

@punnyguy No ad block. I don’t install any extensions.

@flappinit I am getting a new laptop soon, so no real push to upgrade windows. Am pleased to hear this is just on my end.


Nice. I’m confident that’ll fix your issues.


As I read through this, all I can see is these scenes:

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Dinosaurs built the pyramids is pretty brilliant I’d have to say.

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I just remembered my adblocker is still on all the time while I surf this site. I get no ads at all. Felt bad so I turned it off lol. If you’re having severe problems you can consider downloading adblock from the chromestore.

Shit, I just realized I’m been freeloading off this site for a year when I’m not using my phone lol.


Turned on my adblocker just to see how many ads I get. First time I actually counted. There were 42 when I went back to the “latest” page and clicked back on this page.

78 now after I edited the post below. I think your PC just can’t handle it.


Reloaded the page and it’s ok. I guess they are timed to change at regular intervals?


Nope. Scrolling dependent.

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I don’t see ads anymore, haven’t in a whilw (I don’t use ad blockers)




Internet is AOL online. Got it in a CD sent in the mail.

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That’s the problem. Change this and we can do magical things with that hair.


Now you’re just showing you age! Lol

Quote function has started doing funky things on my Android/Chrome.

Forum is a complete mess for me at the minute. Very slow, jumping posts all over the place, keeps, things that usually scroll are not. Accessibility thing keeps popping up along with another window see pic. On android phone. Took me 10 min to write this.

Had a few little bugs in the past but this just isn’t usable atm.

Same, experiencing odd things on desktop and mobile. Having to reload pages to post in my log. Having to re-accept cookies a ton.

I am having an issue quoting. I can do one quote per post. To do this I have to quote before I open the text box by clicking reply. If the text box (thing one types into), then no quotes allowed.

@Chris_Colucci, I screwed something up. At the top of my screen, I had a button that said something about site read mode. I clicked it and now I have all this extra stuff.

I have checked my browser settings and my site read mode is off.

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