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What Is Up with the Forum?

Now it won’t let me log in on my computer. Both chrome and the Microsoft explorer don’t work

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Any update on when the issues will be sorted

It is becoming a complete ball ache trying to post on this forum


Noticed I needed to update my password on the PC this morning.
(yet to use the mobile to access forum though here).

Still the same for me, too.

Brave browser in computer. Tells me my password is no good.

Brave in iPhone? No problem.

The reverse for me. I ignored the notice, and nothing happened.


I logged out and reset my password and everything seems to be working correctly now.

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So, I’m kinda skeered to log out since this is the only device I can post from….

I know it wants me to reset my password, but it also may not let me back in…

Can I get some advice here?

I was afraid of the same thing. I didn’t have any problems. Just hit the forgot password link.

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They provide an email to use if you have trouble. So if it doesn’t work email that email saying you can’t get back in.

I couldn’t remember my password either, I just hit “reset password” and made a new one


it worked! YAY!!

and all along, I just thought Colucci hated me~

From what I’ve heard, resetting the password is a step in the right direction to getting things sorted. Not really sure how or why, but it’s a thing worth doing.

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Not all along, no.




Good to know!

How’re things after the password resets?

I never reset my password, but the ads have disappeared and the issues have all magically gone with them.

100% back to normal for me immediately after the reset.


Great to hear. Sorry again for the aforementioned aches in the collective balls.



Password reset fixed it. Gotta remember to come back and mention this after the complaint, haha. Thanks to the devs.

I don’t know if you are dealing with the website too or someone else does, but articles like ‘A yearly strength plan’ and ‘Get jacked without leaving your house’ don’t open, just keep loading or show an error message. I’m not sure if they are deleted or going through updates.

Thank you