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What Is Up with the Forum?

I’m not sure what’s going on with ads either, but the medical ads are a deal breaker for me. I don’t search for stuff like that and block it on my other social media accounts, not sure why it’s popping up here.

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Yeah, just had a John Deere ad take over my whole screen, haha. Feel like there’s been more ads lately.

I’m having similar issues to those described above — threads jumping around and likes not working. The thread jumping is especially bad when the banner ad at the top decides to load.

For reference: I’m using and iPhone and Safari. I’ve tried clearing the cache and cookies too.

FYI I am unable to log in from any device except my iPhone which keeps me logged in and I haven’t logged out for years.

Yes, I know my password.

By any chance do you know mine? I have a new phone, and now can’t check in from work. Because I’m torn over whether I WANT to be able to check in from work, I haven’t gone to the trouble to change it. But if it should happen to fall into my lap…

Sorry for the new/recurring/returned issues. I haven’t seen them on my side (I’d gotten them before), but that doesn’t help much.

The Tech Team sorted them out previously, so no doubt they can iron them out again. I’ll make sure they’re on it. Sorry for any trouble in the meantime.


Adding on to this, trying to quote, then minimizing the draft to quote again, causes the page to go absolutely bananas. Jumps around all over the place.

It seems that every time there’s a new ad format, things get screwy


I’m struggling to use the forum at this point

Posts keep flipping around, like button being quite weird etc


Like buttons also not working here.

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It worked there for me :kissing_heart:

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Computer is fine, but I finally changed my pw and logged in on my phone, and couldn’t tolerate reading on it. It just keeps jumping.


Yeah- having the same problem. Computer fine- phone basically unusable

Yea phone is wild for sure

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@Chris_Colucci How old is the site framework?

Aaaaaand now I’m at this point. Constantly jumps up and down when I scroll a few posts, doubling up on posts, greying some out and won’t load them, pages are randomly reloading, likes don’t work at ALL.


Same, as of yesterday.

Um, three? Eleven? Yeah no, that’s a language beyond my scope, sorry. Like asking the MickeyD’s manager the amperage of the overhead lights.

The guys who know what they’re doing are on it though. Sorry some issues are still flaring up.


It looks like it is built on Discourse, which is a massive, open source, actively maintained Ruby project.

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Ads at the bottom don’t close and cover some buttons and partially comver the remaining ones… I

I’m using an android