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What Is Up with the Forum?

I click the heart icon on one post, and it adds the like to the post above it. I try to reply in some threads, and it posts the reply twice.

Go out of the thread and back in, and do it again and it works fine.

Is something wonky happening with the forum??

ETA… I’m viewing from an iOS device using safari if that helps narrow down the issue.

I’ve been seeing my replies twice. One is gray like it’s faded or loading and the other is normal. If I refresh out leave the page and come back then it’s normal.

One of the occasional quirks of a website.


Glad to see I’m not the only one who has noticed this.

Same here. iOS, using Firefox app.

I started having the same issue too a few days ago, on a laptop.

I’m having issues using Chrome and Safari on iOS. Seems like sort of every 10th post in a thread won’t load until I refresh the page and the it keeps jumping to different posts while I’m reading which is really annoying.

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I have all kinds of wonky shit going on too.Double posts, likes on the post before it, missing reply then it pops back up, And why does that video keep popping up?


It appears to me that they have installed either a new Advertisement engine, or upgraded the existing one to a much newer version…

I don’t know, but if I had to guess, they are trying to automate some of the typical forum maintenance routines. I am saying this because the last time one of my topics was moved, it was done by Mod_Starr (which I’m assuming is a bot, could be wrong) and not @Chris_Colucci like it normally is?

I’m suspecting that these changes are what is screwing up the user experience…

I have had all the issues listed. I can’t get the forum to open on Firefox, but internet explorer works.

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For me the double post thing appears and then disappears. Not sure when this started but it has been going on for a bit. Not a huge deal to me as I’m just used to my posts showing twice for a bit before being fixed.

Can confirm that the forums are broken for me as well. No issues from my laptop (chrome running on Ubuntu) but from my phone (chrome on iPhone 8) it’s hardly possible to even use the forums.

Aside from the ads getting way too much in the way, I get the double post thing and sometimes while scrolling through the posts of a thread the whole thing breaks apart and starts taking me to random posts on the thread, as if I had selected another post from the “jump to” menu, making it hard to actually follow any conversation longer than a couple of posts.

Sorry for the troubles, all. The forum system software stuff has been doing a few more updates than usual for the last 6 weeks or so and there’ve been some hiccups as everything gets caught up.

I’ve seen the double-posting ghost-thing and the weird post-liking issue myself, but it’s been sporadic. I’ll double-check to make sure the tech people are aware of what’s up.

Mod Starr and Mod Phoenix are cybernetic organisms - living tissue over a metal endoskeleton. (But, yeah, they’re people. I couldn’t handle watching these online shenanigans 24/7 and this place couldn’t run without those two. We’re not outsourcing forum modding to AIs or anything like that.)



Chris, what’s the deal man? Is T-Nation content with a terrible forum experience?

There is no way it’s this complicated to fix.

Is the ad revenue to T-Nation worth running off the users due to the horrible experience?

Pretty much the same reason why I stopped spending money on Biotest supplements. No reinvestment. No new products. If only I had known the thousands I spent on Biotest products was essentially a waste. But y’all haunt me all over the internet trying to sell me more with the ghastly ads.

I’m not trying to be mean, just real. It’s all pretty pathetic from a company I used to hold in high regards.

I’ll check back in two weeks for a response. I‘ll give it 50/50.


I don’t know that the mods will have any say in what’s going on, nor will it be their job to do anything but defend the forum and biotest in general, but the forum feedback section exists for a reason, so I’ll speak up along with @ironone and say that it feels as though the only priority on here as of late has been ramming as many advertisements down our throat as possible with zero regard for how the forum experience is affected.

Whether this is actually the case or not is up for debate, but autoplay ads are pretty much the worst thing to have to deal with, especially when people are replying to the wrong person all over the place, replies are CONSTANTLY doubled, liking a post messes everything up, the forum scrolls around by itself making you lose your place, etc.

This place has been a godsend for my workout consistency and my knowledge base, so I don’t have any plans to leave, but I’d love reassurance that there’s a targeted effort to fix these problems before introducing any newer, more-invasive ads.


I might even be up to purchase an app to get away from it.

Look at all the free programs on here. Imagine if a person could buy an app with lots of preloaded programs. You pick a program and it allows you to enter your weights and rest intervals. It tracks your work on specific exercises and so on.

Basically, combine the free stuff from other apps with T-Nation specific workouts.

In addition to that, create a private forum app. I wouldn’t mind if all my stuff was members only access. Keep the current stuff for free but add the private option of the app.

I don’t know. I’m probably talking out my arse because I don’t know jack about creating these things.

Oh, yeah, I just had another thought. Have a customizable workout log as part of the app so my workouts automatically get added to my log. My current free app has a log so it seems like it’s feasible to have the ability to at least copy and paste.

What free app are you using?

Yeah it’s getting rough and hard to use. Replies are never to the right person. I’ve been posting a lot less lately and I’ve got to think eventually some will just post less and less. I still love this place I’ve been visiting it for 20 years and posting off and on on the boards for a long time.

I asked a while back what was up with Biotest on the new supplement front and didn’t get anything back. Place used to be one of the leading places for unique products and trying to stay cutting edge. It’s not like the stuff they have now is awful or anything it’s just something I miss waiting to see what they had going.

This might actually make them more reputable. Let’s be real; there isn’t a lot of new stuff out there and anything marketed as such is probably junk.


Thanks! I have been looking at apps. I will check it out.

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I can create programs, workouts, and even set the days of the week for each workout. I mostly use it to time my rest and keep track of records. It’s nice to select a lift and be able to see every workout I’ve done with that lift. It’s way faster than going through my written log.