What is TRT and What is NOT TRT

Please do. Something like pounding your head against a 5 ft thick concrete slab. Amazing to see a master at their craft. Props.





Gonna have to end it here. Just caught wind of a total shitshow at work.


Added the Xyosted 2018 sub-Q data set to the prior IM/Sub-Q data. As you can see completely self-consistent.

Thanks for catalyzing this @Andrewgen_Receptors with the SubQ discussion on the other thread.

LINEAR scale ordinate:


LOG scale ordinate:


Goes to show how 50-75 mg/week TC is chemical castration (LMFAO).

And same data against the Bhasin work from 17 years earlier…


Hmmm. Seems like we’ve got a pretty good estimate of dose response with injectable testosterone in both male and FTM patients.

Danny gets a little introspective here at 2:45:

Was that an eye roll?

fT of 80-150 ng/dl (LMFAO) and he starts to get a little concerned. Good job Danny, great to know you start to worry about limits of human physiology at some point. You even mentioned to go do some bloodwork. Don’t forget the Echo and heart surveillance.

I for one am very surprised he hasn’t been sued yet. He puts himself out there publicly and is practically begging for it. I’m sure its coming.

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“High Dose” TRT. WTF?

Dr. Grant starting to look at little uncomfortable there? Or is he?

Hmmm, I wonder how we could estimate what your levels are at 350 mg/week with 95% confidence? Everyone is just so darn individual… :thinking:



I wonder what people would do with free T charts to go along with these?

Danny, please stop this man. Deadly serious, please read this thread and understand the gravity of what you are doing. Seriously brother please stop.

For those over at the FB group (obviously I don’t get as much visibility here) if you care about Danny (and others) tell him to come back over here and read this stuff. Sincere request.

A little more here on T studies giving some mechanistic picture of chronic high T (see whole thread):

Which man do you want him to stop?

I will admit I don’t know much about what is being referenced here, but are you saying running 350mgs per week long term is really bad?

I should be dead many times over lol.

Each man that he has drinking his Kool Aid would suffice.

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I’m glad you made it. Sincerely happy for you. Age, genetics, lifestyle, health status at baseline all would seem to play into it.

The whole point of making charts above was to give a general tool that would allow a transfer function between weekly dose equivalent and serum level. A master curve if you will to contain vast majority of anecdotal data. What is incomplete in above is transfer function between cumulative dose and health impact.

I started with this:

Crowdsourcing to fill out the envelope would be a step in the right direction. Obviously a lot of data sitting out there. Food for thought even if not quite ready for prime time.

Since you like this kind of stuff here’s the backstory:

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Gives me more to think about.

I am currently on a trt dose of 250mgs per week. Sometimes I go 10 days between shots. I do yearly cardiac checks and blood work 4X a year.

Being 35 with 2 kids - health is a priority now for them and not me honestly. The kids probably added years to my life.

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Trough at 7 or 10 days? Procotol: injection frequency?

Great work.

I guess that would be me then. He got me to stop poisoning myself with anastrozole.

Injection frequency is usually once every 7-10 days depending on my schedule.

I used to be an absolute madman pincushion - now I loathe 1 shot a week.

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Trough TT number?

On my last bloods 2 months ago

SHBG was 10 iirc
My trough TT number was 1050 I think.

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