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What is Top Priority?


For mobility work -

If I am going to dedicate at least 15-20 minutes everyday to soft tissue work, stretching, foam rolling, etc what will give me the most bang for my buck?

What do you guys think are the most important things to do to avoid injury and stay healthy?

Name your top choices



Figure out what you need where you need it. I wouldn't static too much before my lifts or for the muscles of the same day. where are your defeciencies in movement. That's the question u need to ask yourself.


In that case how to I find out or prioritize my top deficiencies in movement? I know personally I have very tight calves and need to stretch/foam roll them regularly. Other than that what should be staples in a mobility routine?


Stupid question.
It depends on the particular person and there ailments.

Anyway, if your calves are tight I would also foam roll the planta fascia.
I also find hip flexibility is important, so a routine including adductors,
abductors, hamstings, hip flexors are a good idea.

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I don't worry about staples I just try to make sure things are in the right direction. Once your training through proper movement you usually don't develop a defeciency as bad as when you couldn't move into the proper ROM.

hows your squat/DL?


hips and shoulders for me. I dont do nearly enough, but foam rolling, stretching, and a bit of mobility. done a few times a week for no more than 10 mins each session.


It really depends on your individual situation, but a large majority of individuals have seated jobs and develop a forward head and anterior pelvic tilt. For those people...

Roll quads, thoracic spine, and posterior shoulder.
Stretch hip flexors and chest
Activate glute maximus and medius and subscap/rhomboid

Most people could also benefit from hip mobility work and thoracic spine mobility work.


I guess I should be more specific. I don't have any issues knock on wood as of now but when it comes to mobility work there are a ton of different stretches, activation exercises, band exercises, and soft tissue work on top of all that. I was looking for an assortment of the best or a well rounded mobility routine to just cover the bases and not necessarily focus on a problem. I guess there isn't really a good way to phrase it or a good answer though because it is extremely individual. Ima just do yoga and foam roll.


There are reasons for everyone to do general mobility work prior to a workout. Having a general plan of attack is a very good idea where you select some mobility exercises that loosen up the hips, shoulders, elbows and knees that are performed more frequently than specific ones.

I agree with you here though. :wink: