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What is This

I was kind of curious what this is . I dont think its muscle as it doesnt characteristicly move around with everything else . Would it happen to be some kind of hernia of the abdominal wall ?

Or i was wondering what kind of things you could have that would look like that . I dont know what happens with fascia or other tissues underneath the skin that could get bunched up looking like that .


This made me inquire about intra abdominal pressure:


Near the end of the article it says : ''Two muscles whose lines of applications flatten the lower abdominal wall and increase IAP (without producing trunk flexion) are the internal oblique and the transversus abdominus.
These muscles also attach to the thoracolumbar fascia (TLF, also called the lumbodorsal fascia). ‘’

So in effect if you have these muscles more developed you are actually more prone to developing an abdominal hernia ?

Is it recent?
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All of this could/ would be helpful
Did you consider that it could just be the way your body is physically