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What is This Supplement?


Estra-4, 9-Diene3, 17 dione, 2a, 3a-Epothio-17a-methyletoiiallpcholanal, 19 Nor Diol, Tribulus Terrestris, Proteic Embryo Extract, Cissus quadraangularis in an 800 mg.

New "supplement" by BMF Hardcore, I don't know if they are reputable. Want to know what it is before i destroy my liver and kidneys. I assume that its just methyl 1 test (3a-Epothio-17a-methyletoiiallpcholanal), if so....why is it still legal in Canadian nutrition stores....

Guy at the counter said that I could expect 10 lbs LBM gain within a month....which lifted the red flag to me. I have buddies that have done AAS cycles and gain somewhere around that. Still putting on weight, so that 10lbs wouldn't bother me at all, however, I am not sure what this compound is, if its not M1T, what could it possibly be and what could the side effects bring?



So basically, you are considering a supplement you're clueless about..?


The first substance is a "tren" precursor--that is, it converts into a substance in your body that is close to tren. The second substance is Epistane, an anti-estrogen that is also active in itself (i.e., it doesn't have to convert to anything)and which also exerts effects at the androgen receptor.

So, the first one is technically a pro-hormone (or pro-steroid), the second a designer steroid.

In my experience they are both effective; however, this is a topic better off in the steroid forum.



Total sarcasm when I said that I was going to risk my liver and kidney lol. I just want to know what people think of it/what it is, before I consider taking anything. At this point it isn't really on my mind to take it, I really want to know what's in this that would make me gain as much weight as the "expert" behind the counter said.


like crowbar said its epi/tren. although estra-4 isnt actually a precusor to trenbolone, its more similar to dienolone. its not M1T or similar to it for that matter since neither compounds aromatize significantly (epi actually acts like an AI) but estra-4 is a progestin. both are moderate on the side scale (much milder than M1T) and are relatively easy on the liver, especially estra-4.

its a popular stack although ive never heard of that company.


Thanks for the quick reply. How much of the gains would be sustainable after the cycle? Also, what are the estrogenic side effects of this prohormone? Enough that they outweigh the risks or not worth taking?

Thanks again.