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What is This? Seagal Teaching Silva?


There are videos on YouTube of Steven Seagal "teaching" Anderson Silva and Lyoto Machida how to fight in the ring. Now I'm no expert on any martial arts but I know Seagal probably has like yellow belt skills in striking and zero ring experience, holding a high rank in one of the least respected martial arts known to man.

What does that say of the UFC greats as well as the quality of the competition in MMA if they allow a known fraud to take credit for their achievements, teach them and even mistreat them? Is it just a case of some people having such charismatic personalities and faith in themselves that they can appear as guides to anyone on anything without being busted?


It was only a marketing stunt in order to raise popularity of Lyoto, AS with the US audience by their manager Joinha Guimarães


I was wondering about this when I heard it. I know he is a big deal in the aikido world. Not exactly something you see much of in MMA.


he is a big deal in being crook


Meh. Everyone has to eat (or get rich) somehow. Just wait till you see him start shooting q-tips at 20 meters with a .22 Ruger...