What Is This Pain?

so yesterday i feel a tiny pinch by my right lat but didnt really think anything of it. Today i wake up and my shoulder is like up by my ear and i cant make any movements with my arms without horrible pain. It feels like there a huge knot holding my trap, shoulder and back. Ive never felt this before and i cant even attempt to stretch it out

You may have torn a muscle, how did this happen?

Or aggravated / pinched a nerve

get it looked at


If it passes in a few days, then you most likely strained one of the muscles in the area. Getting it checked out is a good idea, in case it’s something more serious.

I just got it checked out yesterday and they gave me muscle relaxers and anti inflammitory meds. its gotten a little better an i can move my arm a little higher and all that good stuff. I’m pretty sure i did this pushing a car.