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What Is This Machine?


Hi everyone,

My gym just remodeled and added a few new machines. One machine kind of looks like a jet ski seat and just rocks people around a little...

What is this machine supposed to do?

And before the wise guys start chiming in... I rarely ever touch a machine myself!



Does it look kinda like this?
Apparently they help recruit muscle fibres.
I haven't done much reading on it but participated in a study involving one.
Apparently there's heaps of info around to google.
Try 'whole body vibration' or something similar.


Wow. They've taken the idiocy of balancing on a ball and turned it into a thousand dollar platform that shakes.


Nope, it is something that people sit on and, well, picture a mechanical bull going very slowly... it's odd.


We've got one at our gym; its supposed to be a stretching device. Seeing what many people do on it makes me wonder what excatly it is they're streching.


Isn't that like those machines from the 30's and 40's with the belt they would put on your gut and love handles. Then turn it on and it would vibrate.


Lol. They still sell those in Asia. One of my relatives in Taiwan has one sitting in her apartment.


We have one at our gym too... I was told it shakes off the acid buildup......


Whole body vibration is an interesting new technology.

I'll admit, back in 98 when I heard of it mentioned in a study I wondered how they vibrated the subjects.

Did the biggest grad student just pick them up and shake them around?

Did they sit on a big wash machine?

Anyway, there is a ton of literature showing benefits with short exposures on a vibration platform including big acute increases in flexability, vertical jump, and other variables relevant to athletes. In fact, in Calgary (Sports Centre) vibration platforms are used for many of the elite athlete warm-up protocols.

Further, there is data showing short exposures can lead to pretty large T and GH bursts.

Finally, there is data suggesting that vibration therapy may lead to increased bone mineral density in populations that can't do weight bearing exercise.

Interesting stuff.


New or 1930's?


That's an awesome workout outfit!


I think it's Gorja's grandma.


Maybe it is something like the Precor stretching devices?




'Panasonic core trainer'



Ding... ding... ding... I think we have a winner.

A core trainer... wow! Deep down inside I want to be sarcastic. But, I guess, it is better for people to do this than nothing.


So I SHOULD sit on my washer with an unbalanced load before a workout..? HA! And my mom thought I was crazy...PSH!


Best post.