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What Is This High School Squatting?


High school squatting?

It probably has been posted but if not, what the hell. Suit, some kind of odd bar with balance pads, no holding onto the bar itself, somebody assisting and occasionally balancing the bar out as you squat. Mmm did I miss anything? What the fuck

Somebody enlighten me and tell me these kids are doing it wrong and that they really cannot be superhumans.


Yeah, we did discuss this a few times... their douchebag coach has a video of himself "squatting" 800 and throwing his back out while doing it.

You have been absent from the nation for a while, could it be?


Im sorry but how the fuck are those even close to good? Why on earth does anyone think it's a good idea to put a belt and some knee straps on a teenager that, (by the looks of it) doesnt even have the core strength/flexability to do a body squat. And what ever the hell form of squat is that?




Jesus I just read that...ahahah this whole entire thread(s) basically has made me appreciate my strength and conditioning hs coach even more.


Those vids made me physically sick.


Well, all I can say is maybe they should eat more if they are using women's squat suits.

Second, they are using their arms to pull themselves up.

They are using a SS bar, which is good for balance, but I think these kids could benefit more from getting under the bar with a belt and knee wraps instead of a squat suit. Especially since they are just wrestlers. I mean 115 pound kid squatting 400 lbs, not impossible, but he didn't hit depth and would the positioning of their arms would seem to be a good way to hurt the back.


That guy "coaching" those highschool kids is a fucking idiot

There should be some sort of strength training board of practice and ethics so this guy would be punished and these kids could get some real help. I mean what in the fuck is this?

Yes I've seen the vids before but every time I do it's just as disturbing as the last

I wish Dave Tate would beat him to death with a barbell


Those kids reminded me of Ryuk from the Japanese Death Note series.



That was actually a pretty cool anime. Approved.


my gym used to have a bar like that.
Isn't that a safty squat



LOL. Awesome!


That video made me so sad.


Irony. I clicked on the video to take me to youtube, and this was under suggested "related" videos.


youtube fail


Captain Kirk was saving you from the Fail.


After seeing some of the videos on the other thread, my only guess is that his kids go into a meet and get absolutely buried under real weight with real depth.


The guy is a fucking moron... I think someone posted the link to the PL forum where we talked about his "training". Apparently he had some of these kids do a meet, and they all bombed out.

I guess this shows the dark side of powerlifting.