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What Is This Guy On?


anyone know?


hes on the Gazelle Freestyle


From Tony Little:

?We're talkin' about butt.?

?You've got to take this jacket off.?

?Everyone thought I was crazy...now I'm even more crazy.?

?I can show you why on what's called thermographicvideography.?

?When you deal with the Gazelle Freestyle it's so much fun you don't want to be around with anyone else. You just want to do your own thing.?

?You're getting a whole body exercise machine which starts from your feet to your head, which means mind, body, and spirit.?

?I'm done being quiet.?

?Do you know the Gazelle can help your love life??

?Show me those big ol' pecks.?

?Now let's show everyone butt.?


Lo Ovral


Something makes his shoulders look like there aren't any there.

He's not on anything, except maybe psychological medication.


My nerves.


LSD and Crystal Meth. Lots of it too.

Funny thing- My sister got a gazelle and it took me about 30 minutes to assemble. She spent about 15 minutes using it and there it sits. I goofed around with it for about 10 minutes one day, and couldn't tell that I had done anything.

It was strange. It was like moving in perfect equilibrium with no friction, and no energy expenditure what so ever. Very strange. I can't imagine anybody losing even a gram on one of those things.


Probabbly on lots of dicks!!!


That was brilliant!




Hair spray.

\|/ 3Toes


"tghe protein"


Janet Jackson's stunt double roster


Random Thoughts:

Saw some photos of Tony when he used to compete he was very ripped and thick.

Saw an article bout him in a terrible auto accident ended his BB career.

Knew bout 3 people pulled their groin on the Gazelle.

Had a friend went to Target took a pre assembled Gazelle down from the display by the bicycles and tried it there was no tension he fell into a complete split and tore his groin.


I don't know, but I have good news:

I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by swithing to GEICO.




No, it's "YOU CAN DO IIIIIITT!!!!!!!!"


HAHAHAHAHAH that bites.


It also proves that Tony Little has no groin.


It's definitly not Rogain, that ponytail is connected to the hat!