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What is This Face Mask Called?

Hey, im from norway and don’t speak english very well, and was wondering what this «face mask» is called?:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Don’t know what that guy would call it, but when riding a horse and trying not to choke on dust, I call mine a “bandanna.”

The only time these are socially acceptable apparel are: riding a horse or robbing a bank west of the Mississippi river.


Not true … I’ve seen some very sweet vavoas sport then in the winter time to keep their nose and chin warm

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Are you saying it’s only ok to wear one at all if you are doing one of those two things, or simply to wear one in that style (over the mouth)?

Only OK to wear a bandana over the face in those two situations, obviously.

Rural mechanics named “Wayne” or “Bubba” or “Jesus” or “Scooter” can keep on in their back pocket, while working, but only if they overcharge city slickers with car problems.

Also, if you drive a van with a hot redhead, a book-smart lesbian, a pothead, and a sentient dog while traveling the world to solve mysteries, you can wear one around your neck.

Finally, old school cholos (over the age of 50) can utilize them, but only if the ensemble includes a a vastly oversized plaid shirt (preferably flannel) or a very ill-fitting suit with large shoulder pads (for formal occasions, like a parole hearing or quinceañera).


That’s a pretty thorough examination of proper and acceptable bandana applications.


That was awesome :laughing:


I almost added welders, as they tend to have a cloth in their back pocket, but, on closer inspection at the pipe yard, it appeared to be a 12X12 piece of worn suede leather or, for the millennials, what looks like carbon fiber, but could be anything.

I also noted a complete lack of hearing protection whilst working inside a vessel and slowly stepping away from the many-ton-heavy turning vessel as it pressed against the steel toes of his boots, both of which pissed me off to no end.

In my newly-found maturity, I did not grab the guy with torch and beat him.

I merely told the safety guy to get it fixed or write him up or both.

how you left off men over 35 with long, straight, bleach blonde hair accompanied by early-onset male pattern baldness, perhaps former wrestlers or hair band lead singers, wearing a bandana to cover said bald spot, is beyond me.

Also, Bret Michaels and Hulk Hogan both had reality tv shows. Way too much in common between those two.

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That makes a good shroud to to protect from spatter, torch spray, and light entering through the back of the hood.

When light gets in from behind (always) or under (the head snappers that leave their hood up, then snap their head to lower it, but then it sags forward when they lean down and in) you can’t see through the lens.

A lot of the pipeline guys use those foldable half shields too. It’s just a little flat piece that covers your face, holds the lens, and protects the side of your head. That’s probably what the carbon fiber thingy is.

Bandanas (and everything else not FR) just catch fire.

Edit: If I was a more enterprising type guy, I’d produce a line of FR bandanas (now that we’re thinking about it) with all of those cool monster clown face designs. Cuz welders love crazy weird looking stuff, and stickers for their hoods.

On this note:

I have a sound thing and love earplugs, but some people are just too cool for sensory ppe.

That “might amputate something today” guy though, fuck him. One guy sees someone do something stupid, then everybody is doing something stupid. I have to stop now before I have a safety schizm. :joy:

Also known as the Devil’s Toupee.

Where I’m at, it’s also socially acceptable to wear those if you are violently preventing alleged fascists from speaking, conducting daily business or merely existing.

I think it’s mainstream acceptable now.