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What is this Exercise?


Just interested in what this exersise is and what it trains, I believe it would train the traps predominantly

it is basically lift a weight with both hands at arms length out in front of the body



id say it is a barbell front raise for your front delts.


Looks like a front raise using a barbell. Works the traps and shoulders. It can be done with dumbbells, which is my preferred method. I think the only problem with doing those is the stress on the joints and your limitation to the amount of weight you can progress while maintaining good form.


it's most likely being done with a plate.


Thanks for the response I saw it doen with a dumbell but the guy was hlding the plates at one end with his hands hels out flat palms up.

I tried it, it feels like a good exersize to do (burnt my traps to hell) but I wanted to get some more info on it and make sure I learnt how to do it properly before I considered adding it to my routine


This always bugs the hell out of me. The same people using the same plate over and over again for this exercise. What do you do when you are past 45 lbs ha?


get some rope and tie some 2.5 pounders from to it lol.


with the barbell if you try to raise your elbows higher than your wrists, it works the lateral delts quite well.

but like do you really need to be doing bench, incline, dips, flys, shoulder press, pushups etc, AND have an isolation? i dunno.

front raises hurt my shoulders like crazy, i can lateral raise much more than i can front raise. i think i have an inbalance.


We have 25 kg plates and then 100 lb plates at my gym. Quite a step up.


nothing wrong with using dumbbells.


Use this:



take the collar off the bar and slap more weight on.


Hold 2 25lb plates together
Then Hold 2 35lb plates together
Then Hold 2 45lb plates together

We all know doing front delt raises with plates will get you jacked faster because it's old school. There's no physiological evidence for this claim. It's just the same reason why T-Bar rows, Chuck Taylors, and steak are so awesome.


Bertil Fox used to do these. There is a video on youtube of him doing them. If you remember what he looked like, you would know that his traps and delts were huge!


On a drawing like that you should sign your name and date it. :wink:


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I used to do these but leaning forward a bit. Helps me get a good squeeze out of the front delts. I think these help develop separation between the font delts and the pecs. I use dumbbells now.


Never mind the exercise, just get something to eat! You look like a stick figure for cryin' out loud!


to really utilise this exercise and isolate the delts stand against a wall with you back flat against it and concentrate on controlled form, you may have to drop weight but it saves ur lower back


You get the EFS plate holder.