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What is this exactly? Anabeta


Alright I didn't get any responses in the Pharma section of the forums so I'll try here. I ran across this while supplement shopping online as was wondering what exactly is it


From what I've found Anabeta is neither a Pro Hormone nor a Testosterone booster. So if it isn't either, then what the hell is it? Does anyone have any experience with it? Reason I ask is I don't want to train with any PH or AAS assistance but am very curious as to what this is.


It is an extract from Anacyclus pyrethrum, or Spanish chamomile. No, it is not a pro hormone, nor do they claim that it raises testosterone. As far as its method of action, I don't think anyone really knows at this point. But reviews I've seen for it have been pretty unanimously positive, and it's from a company that puts out decent products. Ultimately it's up to you if you want to put your faith in a product that's not very well understood, but seems promising.


Yeah I might try it just because I'm getting a nice discount on it. Hopefully it's better than DAA Pure or Tribulus


Nice. I would be interested to hear your experiences if you do get some. I have a couple bottles myself I was planning to start in about a week.