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What Is This Equipment Called?


What is the piece of equipment Arnold is using here to keep his arms from going back? I've thought about purchasing one but can't find the name for it.


Arm Blaster


In the photo, Arnold was using a Weider Arms Blaster. Not sure if that's who invented it, although knowing the man I seriously doubt it.




My first gym had one of those. Great piece of equipment. Unfortunately the arm blaster has fallen out of fashion in recent times. It really helped isolate the biceps.


I have one, although not a "Weider". It does isolate well and keep the front delts from getting fatigued.

I wish it would allow your arms to drop back a bit more. If my elbows are too far forward, I don't get much of a stretch in the biceps.


Lean back slightly against a wall. Just far enough that you can still brace and you should be set.


My shoulder is fucked right now. I can do arm stuff, but only if I stabilize the shoulders. I figure I could use to to add variety. Besides, it worked for Ahnuld.


    Yeah had one back in the day too. It is a hell of a lot more comfortable than using a wall IMO.
     Almost like a portable preacher basicly.

              I'm sure they're still around, saw one somewhere a while back Schwarz.



Yeah, as has been said, the device is an Arm Blaster (also known as the thing that makes you curl exactly opposite of the pic above. I guess Arnold decided to reduce the weight and focus on technique, ha.)

It's an okay tool... until you have the strap break in the middle of a set. Been there, barely survived. That wasn't any kind of fun.

So, yeah, I generally advise against them due to the chance of injury if they break. If you want super-strict curls, do them against the wall and keep your head, shoulders, elbows, and tailbone touching the wall for the duration.


^Where can I get an outfit like that?


at the handlebar moustache store

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Yeah, my gym just got one of those, actually. I'm going to have to play with it sometimes.


nice, I think they are by the unicycles and derby hats