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What is This 'Coaches' Problem?


I'm no strength coach but this just seems wrong to me...

Anyone who views this should comment.. I have and maybe if more people do this idiot might stop before hurting someone. I couldn't give a sh*t about his own training.


there look to be a lot of things I'd take issue with in that video.

Doing ME the week before the meet?

telling all the guys to squat 3 inches above parallel?

What is up with holding on to the rack?


Strange video to say the least. Depth was awful and am not sure why they were grabbing the uprights.

The weirdest thing was that little wrestler at the end that was geared up with a squat suit and knee wraps, and was busting out band squats WHILE he was in season and cutting weight.


He has a fascination with high reps... all his videos he says he's trying to keep reps between 8-12?
I really don't get him at all?


is this a powerlifting team ?

or just a group of assorted athletes training together ?

hard to tell....coach mentions a meet , then football season , then the wrestler .


Just throwin' this out there....that "coach" is an idiot.

That is all.




So many things wrong with what that "coach" is having them do.


I hate stupid people. Especially the ones who force their stupidity onto others.


If you watch some of his other videos he has kids that probably cannot bench 135 raw wearing double ply bench shirts and wrist wraps and doing reverse band presses

And the kids look like holocaust survivors

I also like the kid telling the other one to get deeper and the "coach" is like "SHUT UP!!!"


i subscribed. you can't find funny like this moron anymore.




lol, where does he come up with this shit at!? Yeah he really got those reps in, I don't think he got a single lockout


Someone should slap this fucktard. Put another mark in the "Reasons Powerlifting is Fucking Retarded" column. A big one.



i'm not sure what i just watched....but i don't like it one bit. Maybe at the end of every session he tells his kids "Now listen, do the exact OPPOSITE of what we just did today in training." Or maybe he's actually hiding all his good secrets from those watching the videos by making himself seem retarded O_o


holy fuck

that is all


The most ridiculous thing I have ever seen in my entire life.

Scratch that. This is, WTF.....


Oh, dear God....

The first video I laughed at, didn't even watch it all the way through, but then after reading a few comments I decided to watch back. Each video made my laughter turn closer to rage. HOW CAN YOU PEOPLE NOT BE MORE INFURIATED?!?!?


this is worse than i see in my commercial gym. do the reverse bands remove alot of the weight on those benches?

lol, 'he shouldnt be able to get down that far, we need to tighten it up' what, 1/4 reps too far?


"You have been blocked by the owner of this video."

He blocked me from posting comments. Damn!