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What is this Called? How Can I Get Rid of It?


This piece of shit clump of meat(fat?) on my hips has been there for a while now and I can’t seem to get rid of it.

“Love handles”??

Grew up as a gymnast, did it professionally, but life happened, beer happened and I let myself go.

Trying to get back into shape, but firstly I really want this mess to go away and not blob it’s self out of every pair of pants I own.

I don’t want to start wearing trackies/joggers pls.


I’ve never done this before, never been on a fitness forum before.
Never publically posted a photo of my body, so its fucking awkward, but I’m new to all this, I’m hoping to learn a lot from you guys - so for now, go easy on me :wink:


That is called fat. You have a physique that is considered “skinny fat”

There are different routes one could take to get rid of it. It is an individual choice on which route to take.

I would choose the route of adding muscle mass to get rid of the skinny part, while following a healthy diet. You are at a beginner stage so you should make good strength and muscle mass progress fairly quickly. Bust your ass in the gym, eat plenty of good quality foods, rest, and it will all “workout”. Key word “workout”


I’ve found adding more muscle helps. For one, you’ll lose a decent amount of fat in the process and for two you’ll be more muscular so what handles you have will be less noticeable.