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What is This Bodybuilder's Name?


As the subject states, looking for an answer.


Ed Corney




that's Ed Corney, one of the best at graceful posing ever.





Is this post Movember related?


Here's an even more impressive pic of him

Man is over 70 years old lol


Looking like that at 70+ years old is unbelievable!


just wow


Just hope I'm still walking at 70. Impressive.




Holy shit man that's awesome.


that is unbelievable wow


Serge Nubret here at age 68 also stands out.


Corney has been one of my idols since I started training!
His posing and his application to training is amazing. His age and still looking like that is unbelievable!

My dietitian use to work in Golds Gym in california back in the day but moved here to South Africa a while ago and he always use to tell me stories of Ed. Like into his late years he still approached gym like it was his first day, always enthusiastic to train and push himself! Thats awesome.


Yeah, Serge continues to amaze me... I just hope he doesn't try to get into contest shape again (or whatever it was he did that knocked him out that one time)... He looks great as he is, anyway. Is there anyone that age who has a comparable physique? (Corney is good too of course, but Serge apparently lost only a little size compared to his best days by comparison)


Dave Drapers amazing physique today comes to mind too.

What do you think the factors are to these bodybuilders being in this shape? (or combination of factors).

  1. Still watching their diet. The discipline to continue to eat the right things. I assume their supplementation would continue just as much as their lifting days (natural supplementation that is).
  2. Training 5 to 6 days a week.
  3. ?

Just amazes me to see photos like this. To be and look strong forever.


Testosterone is one helluva drug...You best believe I'll be on that shit when I am at that age.


Still strong. Still pumpin'. Always pimpin'. I always thought Serge was criminally underrated. Truly one of the best of all times.


Apparently the great Serge Nubret suffered a stroke last year. I read it in MuscleMag.