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What is This Back Pain?

when ever I use the computer I get a pain in my right back and under my armpit, does anyone know what the hell this could be?

Have you checked your posture when at the PC? Are you looking up or down at the monitor?

yes I have, My back is straight and my wrists are parralel to the desk.

Bad posture? Did this develop slowly?

Do you sit face on to your computer or are you angled so your body is twisted to the left even by just a small degree?

How’s the height of your screen? The top bevel should be roughly aligned with your eye level when you are looking straight ahead.

Is the chair you use supporting your body well enough?

How long do you spend at your computer without a break?

Have a look here for more ideas.


If it is an ergonomic problem then it won’t fix itself quickly but you should still adopt good posture to help the healing.

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[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
Trigger point in an intercostal muscle, possibly caused by a fixation in one of your costotransverse joints (where the rib attaches to the transverse process), exacerbated by the position you sit in and the muscles you use, whilst sitting at the computer.

I could easily be wrong though.

This is the internet after all…


What he said ;-)))))

damn, yea I mean my posture is good but im not sure, maybe my chair is too small. I took a week off the computer and came back and in 3 sec it hurt

Search google for “ergenormics”.

[quote]DanErickson wrote:
Search google for “ergenormics”.[/quote]

And then click on the bit that says: Did you mean: ergonomics


[quote]Ph03nix wrote:
DanErickson wrote:
Search google for “ergenormics”.

And then click on the bit that says: Did you mean: ergonomics



I knew soembody was going ot call me on that. I was to lazy to open up the dictionary.

thanks ill look it up