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What Is The Worst Thing You Have Ever Done?


Just to further support the whole legal side of this. And to further support why this belongs in the “Worst thing you’ve ever done” Thread:

That guy could’ve easily sent my brother straight back to prison. All he needed was to catch the liscense plate number. We lived in, and still do live in a side of town where the police are extremely active. If they want to find you they will.

That guy just so happened to have thought of two or three steps less, than whatever steps I had planned or thought up of, and circumstance called for my brother to swiftly get up, leave, and zoom away. I don’t think that guy was thinking of anything else other than the pain.

So the unlawful part that was mentioned, is wholeheartedly, correct.


If one gets a girl passed out drunk then takes what he wants and leaves her laying there like a carcass then its open season on that dude.

I’ve done the absolutely out of control (way more than a couple of margaritas) partying and there was always a mutual or common understanding of care or safety.

You might wake up with one less eyebrow or maybe with someone you don’t know, but you’d at least be safe and sound once it was all said and done.


How do you convince the sister of your wife to sleep with you. Friend I can get but sister!


He didn’t say alcohol isn’t a drug, he said she wasn’t drugged.

drugged (of food or drink) having had a substance added to it in order to stupefy or poison the person consuming it.

Generally, people use this world when the drugged person is unwillingly and unknowingly administered a drug (because who would want the side effects).

Not that I agree with leaving someone drunk passed out somewhere. Or beating someone up for it.


Because sometimes you get tired of people doing loathsome things and nothing happens.

Though you’re right that it could have gone from bad to worse as a result of the beating, and of course the drinks were her responsibility.


That’s the reason why I set that guy on fire.

He kept talking shit about me, talk shit to me… eventually he started to talk shit about my family.
And one winter day, I just approached him and set his jacket on fire behind his back, he didn’t even notice it. I used regular lighter. When everyone started to laugh, and he noticed something was wrong I sprayed the flame with deodorant and he went crazy on that WHOOMP sound LOL!

When he put the flames out he boasted about how he will kick my ass…

I literally ran into him like a bull, he did dumb thing by trying to block it instead dodging it - he fell on ground and I started to kick him like there’s no tommorrow.

He never talked shit to me again, he never threw stuff at me again, he never even approached me again.

I did few similar things, and later my friends were often calling me to go out with them whenever they go out on some place known for fights, because I get crazy they say xD


Told a guy his wife was cheating on him … with me :slight_smile: She deserved it.


They always competed with each other on everything and I knew she always had a thing for me. When she found out how hurt I was about the situation she came over to “comfort me”.


Gee, Webster, thanks for the definition. Glad you’re here to clear up a conversation that was already cleared up! What WOULD we do without you??


I’d say you’d continue to demand dumb things like ask people to use a made up word instead of their original and correct usage. That’d by my guess based on how this played out.


Yeah, see, this to me is nothing like leaving someone behind a bar’s dumpster all night, too impaired to defend themselves. In that instance the response, to me, was proportionate. Both the guy who left Cybertron passed out and her brother put lives at risk. In my view, Cyber was at greatest risk and there is reasonable likelihood that the guy would do the same eventually to someone else. @Koestrizer disagreed that the response was appropriate for entirely valid reasons, despite acknowledging that leaving someone drunk behind dumpsters “is a horrible thing.”

In your case, there’s no question in my mind that your response was inappropriate as well as criminal by any reasonable measure. The offense was talk, while the response carried a strong likelihood of permanent damage. Your behavior was completely out of proportion.


This thread makes me sad.


At some point, every word we use was a “made up word” … more or less


Am I to believe that there are men who would not kick someone’s ass for leaving a friend of theirs wasted behind a dumpster all night where they could have been raped or killed?

It’s nice that people don’t know @planetcybertron personally and can look at things with an unbiased mindset, but seriously, have none of you ever been in a fight? Getting beat up is really not a big deal. What happened to her was. If that’s the worst thing you’ve ever done, kudos girl.


I never got beaten up but I fell off from bike which is close.

I had small piece of my skull from near arcade missing, 7 stitches on my face (thank God scars are not really visible).

But worst thing was - both palms of my hands were scraped up, I couldn’t really do anything with my hands without it hurting like hell.

Pieces of skin on my knees were missing and doctor said “Deal with it, that can’t be stitched” - I even had wound on my shoulder that left a scar, and my elbow and forearm were scraped too. And small pieces of 2 of my teeth were missing.

It took me a while to recover, but luckily I had no concussion and none of my eyes were injured.


When kids fight, usually. But as someone who takes care of adults injured in altercations, I can’t tell you how many I’ve seen with life-altering injuries.


I have. Been in quite a few. It’s not something I ever bring up, discuss or would like to happen again. Nor do I think it’s a right of passage. I avoid people who talk about it as if it’s something they are proud of or who routinely say “I could take them”.


Depends on the situation.


Fair enough. As someone who deployed 3 times with Marine Corps Infantry, a fist fight doesn’t strike me as particularly harrowing, and a beat down for leaving a girl behind a dumpster like that strikes me as pretty mild. However, I’m sure as an ophthalmologist if you’ve seen detached retinas from fights that’s pretty hardcore. And yes, @theonecamko is correct - it depends on the situation. But in this case, @planetcybertron said she was able to speak with the guy and that he was conscious. If anyone ever did that to my sister, I would find it hard to not break some fingers or have him swallow a few of his teeth. Sorry, I really love my sister and that story is really scary to hear.

Sorry, I just realized I assumed you were an ophthalmologist - are you?


Nothing to be proud of, nothing to brag about, for sure. But a fight is something that I think people should go through, and if I had to choose one outcome for one fight, I’d say that losing a fight is far more educational than winning one.