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What is the stupidest thing you have done to build a great physique?

No matter how good you look we have all done something really dumb to gain the body we want.
For most, these things usually occur when we begin weight lifting, which is usually the time we dont know jack s**t about lifting or dieting.
Since i am beginning the topic, i’ll go first.

Once upon a time when i didn’t even know that you should be eating carbs after a workout, straight after a workout i would eat a 425 gram can of Tuna in springwater, by my calculations thats about 100 grams of Protein. Yikes.
If i didnt have any tuna i would eat 500 grams of low fat cottage cheese which totals to about 75 grams of protein.
I’ll try to think back of something just as laughable, but cant quite at the moment. What about you guys?
Batter up…

SLAINE: Two: one with me and one with a friend, both while we were in Jr. High. I was always a “pudgy” kid, unsure about myself, with many of the hang-ups of a lot of kids in Jr. High. I wanted to lose some weight and have the body (at THAT time, so DON’T LAUGH!) of Marc Singer? The “DragonSlayer”? Is that the right actor?) FASTED for 4 days with very little water while walking around with a plastic “hot” suit under my clothes. Passed out. Scared my parents to death. Boy was I lucky. My Friend. He had this conconction of Whole Milk and Sugar that he would drink all day. Made it the consistency of a thick Slushy. The only OTHER thing he would eat was white bread. Let me tell 'ya; he was the strongest guy on the Football Team in 8th grade! (But his brothers and dad were animals; I think there were a LOT of genetics at play).

The dumbest thing hands down was to read Muscle and Fitness and/or the other rags

I tried the old Bill Phillips ABCDEFGHIJKL diet for 2 months. That was definitely the stupidest thing I ever tried. I was still a newby back then and expected some miracle growth off of it, but boy was I in for a shock. I did get some growth on my spare tire though :slight_smile:

Oh the shame!! I had read an article in M&F I think about 6 years ago I read about a program where you did ONE SET (Not HIT, no warmups…nothing) So I came in, did ONE set of bench, ONE of shoulders, and ONE for tris…and went home…total gym time…10 minutes if that. Did this for my entire body for about 4 months…never saw a friggin smidgen of growth. Then still being stupid…read another artice in a fine Wieder publication about 100’s. So the next 4 months…there I am benching 65 pounds for 100 reps, for 10 sets. Again…pretty much shit for growth, this time due to overtraining…so 8 months WASTED!!

Ouch! You got me beat Whopper! I used to train 6 days a week: Chest, Back, Shoulders, Bis, Tris, Legs. Yep, one day each for bis and tris and yet one day for legs! What a jackass I was. Damn Weider …

1)not eat;2)weider gainer;3)the program the personal trainer at the gym wrote for me, 3 sets of everything and no squats,deadlifts, bent rows,chins,cleans,st leg deadlifts, dips, you get the idea;4)not squat;5)no chins - one of the smartest was about 10000 calories a day and GVT of 2 body parts per day and the same calories on non-training, had to poop 5 times a day and ate up to 14 meals, only did it for 2 weeks at a time.

When I first started lifting seriously, I lifted 6 days a week, hitting each body part twice a week. To make things worse, I was doing 3x10’s on every exercise. I was doing a total of around 30 sets each workout. Sad part is, I was a newbie and eating like a horse, so I gained a load of muscle. My buddy and I ate at the Waffle House (all-star special-still a personal favorite) after nearly every workout. These gains made me falsely believe I was doing a good program, so I kept doing it for a total of about 9 months. I stopped getting gains after about 3 months, but I was too nieve to change my program. Then I found t-mag. Thank goodness; I’ve seen the light! As I look back, I realize that the program wasn’t really that bad, because I was getting results. But, as we all know, a program only stimulates muscle growth for so long.

Eating 1200 kCal over two meals per day during 6 months, training 6x/week, 2-3 hours with weights and at least an hour of aerobic training. Lost 123 lbs. Great way to burn off the last piece of muscle off you. One year later, still coping with consequences.

No doubt about it-I had been training for about 6 months,and me and a buddy decided to try Cybergenics(Yeah,I can hear you guys laughing from here!!..)Can you say “overtraining”?!I remember my friend going and praying to the porcelain god,right after an empty stomach,6 a.m.,2 hour+ marathon leg workout.On the plus side,we DID learn quite a bit about what NOT to do!Right along side that was good ole’ Weider Weight Gainer 3000!!Now THAT was some good tasting stuff,let me tell you!(read dripping with sarcasm…)

back before i really started lifting, i felt like i was a bit too pudgy. my solution - “if i drink like 3 sodas before i eat, i won’t eat as much food”. dumb ass.
then once i did start working out and learning about nutrition, i took after my brother…only work upper body. bird legs are not attractive. thank god i’m wiser and more experienced now…but i still learn new stuff everyday.

Man, where do I begin? Here’s how I started off… First of all, I mostly used machines. I also thought that I had to use every machine in the gym when I worked out, because if I didn’t I’d overlook some muscle somewhere… and I did mostly isolation exercises, cept for pulldowns or the bench machine. To begin my workouts I would run a mile on the tread mill at a 5% grade to get “warmed up”… when I actually started lifting I was already sweatin like a pig! I also ran 5.5 miles a day and didn’t do any leg work in the gym because “the running took care of my legs”… ugh! On top of all of this, I would only get about 4 hours of sleep a night because of my schedule. So I basically made every newbie mistake you could make. At least my diet was ok, I was drinking Myoplex after my workouts and ate at least 4 times a day on top of that with (what I thought was) lots of protein.

Afraid of the ol’ Freshman Fifteen I thought I’d really watch what I ate and bust ass in the gym. Well, little did I know that a bottle of juice, a bagel and a salad coupled with 6-7 days of weights and running everyday…well, you know how that goes, right, Sasa? Just like Sasa, I’m still paying the consequences, and it’s about 2 1/2 years later. Sure I got ripped up, but the muscle mass I had prior to that dropped right off too.


I would masturbate excessively to build my forearms. hmmm come to think of it, i Still do that!
My right forearm is very large compared to my left. People always ask me why that is the case? And I just change the subject and say "hey how about that local sports team?

Heya peeps (ohh, threw you all off didn’t I). I empathize with ya Subhuman, I was on the total body mastabatory program. YOu do not know how hard (no pun intended) it is to do pec work utilizing this method. lata.

“MB Eric: Just feels like posting tonight since 8:30 PM this evening.”


Yes, Timbo, I know everything about that… ended up as a skinny-fat 155 lb 5 11". Balooned up to muscular-fat 237 lbs, getting down to 200 lbs now and still not satisfied… loose skin around the waist, terrible love handles. If I knew things I know now in the first place, I bet I’d get ripped in 6 months!

The dumbest thing I ever did was when I first started to train. I was a pudgy kid. I started starving myself and working out for almost three hours a day. I ended up losing a lot of muscle and kept all of my fat. So then I was even fatter and weaker.

Oh my god i cannot believe i am going to admit this but many years ago i actually let an ex-girl friend of mine convince me to join Jenny Craig!!! The Shame The Shame!!! i lost 58 lbs in 4 months then gained 82 lbs in the following 6 months. The shame has followed me since. Then T-rone showed me the way!!! bet nobody can beat that ja! ja!

When I began lifting more seriously about 5 years ago, I was exhausted by my 90 minutes workout so I decided to eat more before going to the gym. My goal then was to lose bodyfat (I was over 30% BF). I used the weight gainer from Ultimate Nutrition (about 900 calories of sugar and cheap protein) and 1/2 a box of hamburger helper. I couldn’t figure out why I didn’t lose fat…