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What is the reasoning behind......

Not having whey for more than a couple meals?

Is it just because it’s fast absorbing and other things will stick with you longer? But if you eat every 2 hours or so, wouldn’t that be fine?

Whey’s cheaper for me than eating a lot of meat and I get Glutamine with it, so will this really not be as good as if I ate whole foods?

It’s not good because of health reasons. Surely even your mother told you that processed foods are a bad idea? You are getting important nutrients from meat that you can’t get from whey.

The other reason is that whey is fast-absorbing protein, so you may not benefit from it as much as you would from meat protein. Meat is digested more slowly.

Red meat also increases your testosterone levels.

Blood-type dieting. Some people function better eating vegetable protein, some better eating meat protein, some better eating dairy protein. Whey is dairy protein. If you hit all your bases there’s less chance of not making progress.

Go here and listen to #4:

Listen to the Experiment VS experience audio debate between rob forney and
lonnie lowery on this very subject. I forget what issue it is in but a search will
find it for you
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“Not having whey for more than a couple meals?”

Try having it more time per day for a few weeks and you will see why not. Aside from the necessity of diversity in food for health, if you eat the same exact thing three or four times per day for several weeks, you will become so sick of it that you will never want it again. Once or at most twice per day is enough if only for this reason alone.

Then how do you guys eat enough protein on a high protein diet (1.5-2xbw/g in protein)…

If it’s important to eat different things, if you ate 4 chicken breasts a day wouldn’t that be bad too? And even if you ate 4 chicken breasts, you still need a lot more protein.

Steak and other meats is too expensive plus you gotta cook them, Milk has too many carbs, there aren’t many other good cheap sources of protein except eggs and hamburger and you have to eat a lot of eggs to get a lot of protein.

I’m just trying to figure out how I can get around 250g-300g+ without eating mainly whey.

Cottage cheese, turkey, casein, whey, chicken, fish, shrimp, scallops, eggs, egg substitute/whites, red meat (cheaper than chicken if you buy the right kind), venison, moose, furry woodland creatures, stray cats and dogs…

two words…Foreman Grill

Another reason: Meat is harder to digest and thus gives you more a thermic effect than whey. In other words, you burn more calories. I try to eat a bunch of different meats because I know they all have a little different amino profiles.

ANother reason is that whey is higher glycemic than other proteins (hence fast absorbing) and the additional danger is that you are spiking your insulin high every two hours, and one should not strive for such spikes because eventually you could achieve insulin insensitivity.

“plus you gotta cook them”

Get costco sized packs of meat and prep a few days worth at one time. Don’t season your stuff until you reheat it or else you’ll be locked into the same exact flavor for all your following meals.

I put whey in my morning shake along with cottage cheese, put a small amount in some plain yogurt (10 grams or so) for my fourth meal, and put some in some oatmeal and cottage cheese for meal number 7. Small amounts, but there is always another good protein source in there with it. Never do I go with whey on its own.

I buy milk protein isolate, it’s about half whey and half casein so I get the best of both worlds in my shakes. The rest of my protein comes from meat, chicken, fish, etc. There are things you need that come in the food that don’t come in the powder.

Cooking just isn’t that tough to master well enough to feed yourself. There are a lot of things you can do with an oven and a timer or on top of the stove and a timer so you can multitask and not ruin your meal.

Whey protein (or any MRP, or protein supplement) has little to no fiber. And so you’ll be backed up to the eyeballs (but you’ll have distention (excessive gas) like you won’t believe). Eat your meat, and fish! A can of tuna is 99 cents on sale…Whey can cost over $1-2 per serving for the same amount of protein. So use both in your diet.

So is eating 4+ chicken breasts each day also bad?

I figure I can cook a few at once then just microwave later…

I might get some Turkey too, since you don’t have to cook it.

What do you guys think about having whey in the middle of the night?

Dude here is what you could eat for your protein sources of every meal.

Cheap Meals (off the top of my head):

Tuna(canned) 89Cents
Salmon(canned) 89 Cents
12 Eggs 2 bucks
Cottage Cheese 2 bucks
Whey Depends
Chicken Dirt Cheap?
Veal 4 bucks?
Nuts In Bulk are usaaly cheap too.

Its not that expensive man. I can add six of those up to about 15 bucks which is not bad at all and its differnt stuff every meal.

Another reason is you can get a food allergy from it.
About a year ago I used to drink 2 or 3 shakes per day. My gut started to swell up (even moreso than when it had the nice fat layer on it) and I felt like dookie for about an hour after I drank them.
A friend of mine told me about food allergies and that whey is an easy one to “get”. Well, I had it. Its something that you get from eating too much of the same thing. I cut down to a post-workout shake from then on out and got my protein from real food sources. It took about two weeks before my body readjusted itself and now I can drink one after working out with no bloating or anything. Sometimes I have two a day if I need something real quick, but I try to not let it happen.